Top 19 Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2024

Affiliate commissions in the fitness industry range from 3% to 20%. These companies sell everything from supplements to advanced exercise equipment.

Meanwhile, global revenue in fitness has a projected annual growth rate of 9.61%. It’s forecasted to hit an outstanding $6.73 billion by 2027.

It’s easy to see why fitness affiliate marketers are making over $7,000 per month on average.

Everything is in place to take advantage of the growing interest in fitness.

This post covers the best fitness affiliate programs—assessed by:

Product range
Conversion rates
Cookie duration
Affiliate rate

1. Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program

Product category: Home fitness equipment

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Horizon Fitness affiliate program

Pros: High-quality fitness equipment, frequent promotions, many customer financing options, appeal to a wide range of customer financing options

Best for: Affiliates with audiences interested in home workouts

The Horizon Fitness affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity for promoting fitness products. It’s especially great for home exercise equipment. Their T101 treadmill is a favorite among home fitness enthusiasts. It stands out for its durability and design.

Horizon Fitness is quickly gaining popularity. This is because they build home fitness equipment designed to last. The range includes treadmills, ellipticals, and indoor cycles. It’s perfect for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

As an affiliate, you earn an 8% commission per sale. This could translate into significant income, especially with high-ticket exercise equipment. Plus, customer financing options allow your audience to buy without paying upfront, leading to higher conversion rates.

2. Titan Fitness Affiliate Program

Product category: Exercise equipment

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Titan Fitness affiliate program

Pros: Generous 30-day cookie duration, a wide range of high-quality equipment, and a dedicated Program Manager for support

Best for: Gym owners

Titan Fitness stands out for its commitment to strength and reliability. The product line includes high-grade free weights for home gyms. It also has professional-grade machines for commercial setups.

The 5% commission rate offers a decent incentive—especially with the high average order value of gym equipment. The 30-day cookie duration ensures you have a generous window to earn commissions.

The program is managed through the Impact Affiliate platform. You can easily track performance and earnings with Impact, which is known for its user-friendly interface.

3. Onnit Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness equipment, Supplements, Health products

Commission rates: 15%

Cookie duration: 45 days

Sign up here: Onnit affiliate program

Pros: Wide range of unique wellness and fitness products, endorsements from celebrities and athletes add credibility, and managed through a reliable affiliate network

Best for: Affiliates targeting holistic health audiences

If you’re in the wellness niche, the Onnit affiliate program is a goldmine. It offers an innovative mix of products that stand out in the fitness affiliate world. Top celebrities and sports figures back their products. This makes it easier to gain your audience’s trust and interest in Onnit’s high-quality supplements and fitness equipment.

Onnit has a diverse product range. The best seller is their renowned Alpha BRAIN supplement. It’s known for boosting cognitive function and is heavily promoted by podcast star Joe Rogan. You can also promote Onnit’s uniquely designed Primal Bells, adding a creative twist to fitness routines.

You can easily track your earnings and performance with Onnit’s affiliate program, managed through the Impact platform.

Onnit prefers affiliates with an established following—at least 5,000 social media followers. This exclusivity means you’ll face less competition. It’s a big advantage if you already have a strong online presence.

4. LifeSpan Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 6%+

Cookie duration: 90 days

Sign up here: LifeSpan affiliate program

Pros: Real-time tracking, dedicated support, and innovative products focusing on lifestyle integration.

Best for: Affiliates focusing on workplace wellness

If you want to offer your audience unique fitness equipment, like treadmill desks and folding treadmills, LifeSpan’s affiliate program is a perfect match.

LifeSpan’s affiliate program offers a 6% commission or more per sale. Joining could significantly increase your earnings, especially given the growth in work-from-home opportunities. LifeSpan’s program uses the Impact Radius platform.

A bonus is the dedicated point of contact for each affiliate. This ensures you have all the support you need for successful promotions.

LifeSpan places a strong emphasis on adherence to FTC guidelines for affiliate marketing. This is crucial to ensure your promotions are effective and compliant.

5. Reebok Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness apparel

Commission rates: 7%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Reebok affiliate program

Pros: Association with a globally recognized brand, access to exclusive promotions and discounts, and regular updates to product lines

Best for: Fashion-focused affiliates

Promoting Reebok through affiliate links is a lucrative opportunity. It’s a well-known, trusted brand with a solid sales track record.

The Reebok affiliate program is perfect if your audience likes fitness and fashion. It’s for folks who value the combination of style and functionality in athletic wear. In other words, athleisure.

Reebok regularly updates its product line. This gives you fresh, exciting content to share. It keeps your audience engaged and eager to see what’s next.

Use Reebok’s special promotions and exclusive affiliate discounts to enhance your offerings. This program requires active promotion and creative content creation. It’s an excellent opportunity if you’re good at crafting engaging fitness and lifestyle content.

The program is managed through the ShareASale affiliate network.

6. GNC Affiliate Program

Product category: Supplements

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Sign up here: GNC affiliate program

Pros: Diverse range of health and fitness supplements, strong brand recognition,  and potential for high conversion rates due to the brand’s trust index

Best for: Health and wellness-focused affiliates

The GNC affiliate program shines in the fitness niche. It offers an esteemed brand known for its comprehensive range of health and wellness supplements.

GNC has a 5% commission on sales. It has a strong market presence, and the likelihood of high conversion rates is substantial. This program is managed by CJ Affiliate, known for its positive reviews and robust support. You can rely on seamless tracking and management of your affiliate activities.

The supplement niche is competitive. Staying updated with GNC’s diverse range of products offers an interesting challenge. You must level up your content to stand out.

7. ACE Affiliate Marketing Program

Product category: Fitness education

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Sign up here: ACE affiliate program

Pros: Promote respected fitness certifications and programs, appeals to professional development seekers in fitness

Best for: Educational and professional development niches

ACE is among the best affiliate programs, particularly for its lasting relevance in fitness education. The demand for fitness expertise remains strong during challenging times. This highlights the reliable potential of promoting ACE’s fitness programs and certifications.

With ACE, you earn commissions by promoting top-tier fitness programs. This is ideal if your audience is interested in becoming certified fitness professionals and for those who want to advance their fitness education.

ACE chose to manage its program through the Impact Platform. Many fitness affiliates on this list favor it because of its reliability and ease of use.

While ACE’s program may not have a dedicated affiliate support team, the streamlined functionality of the Impact Platform often compensates for this.

If ACE doesn’t align with your brand, the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) affiliate program is a nice alternative. This is especially true for those focused on personal training certification.

That aside, ACE can still work well if you have a fitness-focused audience seeking professional development.

8. Bowflex Affiliate Program

Product category: Home fitness equipment

Commission rates: 3%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Bowflex affiliate program

Pros: Innovative home fitness equipment, strong brand reputation, and products that appeal to a broad audience

Best for: Premium fitness equipment market

In the affiliate marketing sphere, home workout equipment is a growing industry. Bowflex leads the pack with high-quality exercise bikes, treadmills, and home gym equipment.

A 3% commission per sale might seem modest. But considering Bowflex’s high average order value, you can earn significant amounts. Despite the price tag, their products are generally in high demand. Home workouts have become popular, especially post-pandemic.

9. JumpSport Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 4%-8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: JumpSport affiliate program

Pros: Unique offerings and commissions on both new and repeat business

Best for: Targeting families

Promoting JumpSport Fitness trampolines places you in a rapidly expanding fitness market niche. It offers a unique workout alternative that stands out from conventional fitness equipment.

You’ll earn a juicy 8% commission on new and repeat fitness purchases. You’ll also make a 4% commission on backyard trampoline purchases. This applies within a 30-day window after a customer clicks your link. This rate is notably higher than the standard 4% earned by general affiliates.

Trampolines aren’t just for kids; they’re a blast of a workout for everyone. Use this fun factor in your marketing strategies. It’ll attract a crowd that mixes fitness with a good time. Perfect for those in your audience who love shaking up their fitness routine with something less ordinary and much more fun!

10. Life Fitness Affiliate Program

Product category: Premium fitness equipment

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Life Fitness affiliate program

Pros: High commission rate, high average order value, widely trusted brand, dedicated affiliate manager, and performance incentives

Best for: High-end fitness market

With over 45 years in the fitness game, Life Fitness is a titan, renowned for its top-quality cardio and strength equipment. Joining their affiliate program means aligning with a legacy of excellence.

As an affiliate, you’re looking at a robust 8%+ commission on sales. And with an average order value soaring over $3,000, your potential earnings per sale are substantial.

You won’t be going it alone, as Life Fitness assigns a dedicated affiliate manager to guide you. Plus, performance-based bonuses and incentives make your marketing efforts even more rewarding.

Keep in mind that you’ll be promoting premium products. This calls for well-considered marketing strategies. They should appeal to customers seeking high-end fitness solutions with the promise of exceptional quality.

11. Affiliate Program

Product category: Supplements, Fitness information, Fitness apparel

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Signup here: affiliate program

Pros: High commission rate, access to marketing tools, and opportunities to promote BODYFIT subscription service

Best for: Bodybuilding enthusiasts’s affiliate program is a powerhouse in the fitness world. It’s prevalent among bodybuilding enthusiasts because it offers an 8% commission per sale.

It’s more than a supplement hub. It’s an all-encompassing fitness resource, brimming with workout plans, nutritional advice, and a wealth of fitness information.

You’ll have diverse marketing tools, including customized text links, eye-catching banners, and informative articles. Each tool has a unique tracking ID for precise performance monitoring.

You also get to promote BODYFIT, their exclusive subscription service. It’s loaded with unique content and tailored fitness plans, adding another dimension to your affiliate marketing.

This program thrives on consistent, engaging content creation. It’s a golden opportunity if you have a strong presence in the fitness community.

12. Rogue Fitness Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: IP stored indefinitely

Signup here: Rogue Fitness affiliate program

Pros: Long-term tracking with indefinite IP storage and a wide product range

Best for: Serious athletes

The Rogue Fitness affiliate program has indefinite cookie storage. This boosts your chances to earn commissions as anyone who ever clicked on your link and comes back to make a purchase goes towards your earnings.

Rogue Fitness is celebrated for its top-tier gym equipment. They’ve won over both home fitness buffs and professional gym owners with exceptional quality.

The program is refreshingly straightforward. It features an easy tracking process and hassle-free payment through PayPal—simplifying your affiliate experience. Reaching the payout threshold requires constant referrals. It’s a motivating factor to engage and grow your audience.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast with a keen eye for quality, the Rogue Fitness affiliate program is your chance to represent a brand synonymous with excellence in the fitness world.

13. iHerb Affiliate Program

Product category: Supplements, Health products

Commission rates: 5%-20%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Signup here: iHerb affiliate program

Pros: Range of natural health products and good brand recognition

Best for: Global health audience

iHerb isn’t just an online retailer. It’s a treasure trove of natural supplements, vitamins, and health products.

The program offers a handsome commission. It ranges from 5% to a whopping 20% per sale. This rate is as healthy as their products.

You’ll find promoting health supplements and organic snacks a breeze. This is particularly true when your audience’s interests align with iHerb’s wholesome, natural ethos. The market is highly competitive. But it’s fertile ground if you excel in creating compelling content for health-conscious consumers.

14. TRX Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness equipment, Fitness accessories

Commission rates: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Signup here: TRX affiliate program

Pros: High commission rate with significant average order sizes and support from a dedicated affiliate team

Best for: Personal trainers

The TRX affiliate program is tailor-made for fitness professionals eager to monetize their expertise.

Earn a starting commission of 10% on US-based sales. This offer is particularly enticing because of TRX’s esteemed reputation in functional training circles.

With an average order value of around $200 and a generous 30-day cookie duration, your referral efforts have a large window to translate into meaningful earnings. And a dedicated affiliate team means you get personalized support and insights to maximize your affiliate success.

15. Wahoo Fitness Affiliate Program

Product category: Sports equipment, Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 7.5%-10%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Signup here: Wahoo affiliate program

Pros: High commission rates and access to marketing materials and progress tracking

Best for: Tech-savvy fitness influencers and professionals

The Wahoo affiliate program is a perfect match for people at the intersection of tech and fitness. Think cycling, running, and tech-driven fitness routines.

As a Wahoo affiliate, you can earn up to 10% on non-smart trainer products. You can also make a solid 7.5% on their high-tech Smart Trainers.

This program is well-suited for bloggers, coaches, or athletes who are already fans and users of Wahoo products. It allows you to endorse products you trust authentically.

Manage your affiliate activities with ease using the dedicated account. You can track your progress and access a variety of marketing materials.

Commissions apply only to credit card orders, and there aren’t discounts for members. But Wahoo’s strong product lineup makes them appealing.

16. Muscle & Strength Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 10%

Cookie duration: Varies

Signup here: Muscle & Strength affiliate program

Pros: Flat 10% commission on all orders and access to a comprehensive suite of marketing tools

Best for: Bodybuilders

You’re spoilt for choice with over 7,000 products in the Muscle & Strength affiliate program. The products range from supplements to fitness equipment. All offer a flat 10% commission on every order.

This program is managed through Commission Junction, which provides real-time tracking and reporting.

Muscle & Strength isn’t just a product hub; it’s a comprehensive fitness resource. You have a treasure trove of content at your fingertips as an affiliate to enhance your marketing strategies. It includes a bunch of articles, videos, and workout guides.

Be aware that Muscle & Strength has specific promotional rules. They don’t allow cashback or loyalty website partnerships, so ensure your strategies align with their guidelines.

17. Under Armour Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness apparel

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: Cookie

Signup here: Under Armour affiliate program

Pros: Globally recognized athletic brand, reliable tracking, and monthly commission payments through Awin.

Best for: Lifestyle affiliates

Under Armour is renowned for its quality and innovation. Earn a solid 5% commission on sales generated through your clickthroughs. Under Armour handles all aspects of order fulfillment and customer service.

Tap into Under Armour’s reputation and vast product inventory that includes the popular HeatGear and ColdGear lines, perfect for athletic and lifestyle needs.

The program is managed through Awin. They ensure reliable monthly commission payments. This makes your affiliate relationship smooth and transparent.

18. Myprotein Affiliate Program

Product category: Supplements, Health foods

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Signup here: Myprotein affiliate program

Pros: High commission rate in a popular product category, affiliate promotions, and support from an in-house affiliate team

Best for: Nutrition-focused affiliates

Myprotein is another well-known sports nutrition brand. It offers a good affiliate program if you’re interested in promoting fitness supplements and sports nutrition products.

Affiliates earn up to 8% commission on sales, making it a relatively lucrative option. The program comes with the standard 30-day cookie window and support through an in-house affiliate team. You can also get exclusive promotions.

This niche, although attractive, is competitive, so you’ll have to find a way to stand out if you want to succeed.

19. Nike Affiliate Program

Product category: Fitness apparel, Sports apparel

Commission rates: Up to 15%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Signup here: Nike affiliate program

Pros: Association with a globally recognized and respected brand and potential for high conversion rates due to brand popularity

Best for: Sports fashion enthusiasts

Known for its iconic brand and wide range of high-quality athletic products, Nike offers affiliates a chance to earn up to 15% commission per sale. By promoting Nike products, you can make the most of the brand’s strong reputation to attract and convert your audience.

The Nike affiliate program is perfect for fitness influencers and bloggers interested in sports fashion. The biggest problem is that many established people want to be or are a part of it. This means you have to bring your A-game with your marketing and SEO.

Earn Big with the Best Fitness Affiliate Marketing Programs

In the world of fitness affiliate marketing, there are countless opportunities to earn significant commissions by promoting top-notch fitness brands.

From well-known names like Nike and Reebok to specialized fitness equipment providers like Rogue Fitness and JumpSport, these affiliate programs offer attractive commission rates, various product categories, and strong brand recognition.

Remember, success in affiliate marketing requires a creative content strategy, active promotion, and staying up-to-date with the latest fitness trends. Choose the program that aligns best with your audience and put your marketing skills to work.

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