How Chris Jones Grew a 7-Figure Coaching Business with Only 1 Marketing Strategy

When Chris Jones speaks, you should listen.


Reason #1: He grew his coaching business, Guerilla Realty, from $192k/yr in 2018 to $1.1 million/yr in 2022. (That’s right — not even the pandemic could slow him down.)

Reason #2: He attributes this growth largely to just ONE marketing strategy.

I recently sat down with him to dig into exactly what that strategy is so you can borrow it to attract more clients of your own.

Check out our conversation + the full breakdown below!

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Breaking Down the Simple Marketing Strategy Chris Has Ridden to 7 Figures Per Year

First, let’s get a clear picture of what Chris’s business looks like.

The Business: Chris is the founder of Guerilla Realty. They create tools, playbooks, and guides that help realtors get clients consistently.

The Product: Their flagship product is called Pipeline Pro Tools. It’s marketing software that comes with a custom marketing plan and unlimited coaching.

They sell it as a subscription for $1,999 per year (with a monthly option at $229/month and a quarterly option at $579 every 3 months).

The deliverables are:

A custom marketing plan to help the client get clients consistently.
Software that helps them execute the ideas in the plan.
Unlimited 1:1 coaching via text, live chat, or 1:1 calls with a marketing coach who is also an active realtor.

Their Ideal Client: The best fit client is a realtor who is currently earning 50 – 100k and desperately wants to break through that plateau to get to 150 – 250k in gross commission income.

It’s easy to see that Chris has a killer offer.

The product is good.

The price point is working.

They know exactly who they’re targeting.

When you’re at that point, growth mainly comes down to getting your offer in front of as many of those best fit clients as possible.

The question is…where do you start?

Back in 2019, Chris did one simple exercise that pointed him in the right direction — the 90-Day Review.

We often run clients through this to get a sense of what’s working and what’s not in their business.

The goal is to do less of the things that AREN’T working and more of the things that ARE working.

(You’d be shocked at how often your idea of what is and isn’t working doesn’t match with the reality of what is and isn’t working.)

After Chris’s review, one thing was crystal clear:

He needed to do more webinars.

“I realized the thing that I had done that had the biggest bang for my buck, in terms of hours spent and what kind of revenue it created, was actually just this random webinar I’d done,” he said.

That’s when we gave Chris a challenge: take that webinar and do it for one new audience every month.

Find non-competitive businesses/platforms who already have your ideal customers (realtors) in their audience and offer to deliver a free training session to them.

(We call these partnerships.)

Here’s a quick example of a partnership that became SUPER lucrative for him:

Chris identified a Facebook group called Next Level Agents.
It’s a private community of real estate professionals with 27k+ members.
He asked the group’s owner if he could do a free webinar on lead generation for them.
The group’s owner said heck yeah.
The initial webinar brought in $5k for Chris.
He turned it into a long-term partnership where he delivered 1 webinar per month for the group.

The initial $5k win was small, but Chris said the long-term partnership was so valuable (between direct sales and lead generation) that “there’s no way to put a figure” on it.

This is the strategy Chris has worked over and over again to grow from $192k/yr in 2018 to $1.1 million in sales in 2022.

No ads.

No content hamster wheel of death.

No uber nerdy SEO strategies.

To start out, he simply calculated how many partner webinars he would need to do each quarter to fill the 21 available sales call bookings for his sales rep every week.

Based on his conversion rates, that number turned out to be 8 partner webinars per quarter. So booking and delivering those became his main job.

“My main job is emailing and cold pitching people on my Dream 100,” he said.

Sidenote: the Dream 100 is the list of ideal partnership candidates we help our clients put together.

SO simple, right? That’s what I love about this strategy.

Imagine if your task to grow your business each month was to just find a couple of new audiences to teach.

If Chris grew to 7 figures with this strategy, where could it take you?

Want my team to personally help you attract high-paying clients with this simple strategy?

I do have to confess…

Chris had one major unfair advantage when he started using partnerships.

My team.

We coached Chris through setting up his partnership marketing system until it was a well-oiled machine.

In fact, we helped him craft the pitch that landed the partnership with Next Level Agents!

He said:

“Your team taught me how to email pitch. Tore my original pitch to shreds and rewrote it while I watched. The new pitch led to finally getting an answer from [Next Level Agents], after being ignored 3 other times.”

Implementing this strategy doesn’t take anything special.

You don’t need a big audience.

You don’t need a massive network.

You just need the right approach.

Want to see what it would look like for your business?

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