Creative Ideas to Grow Instagram Followers This Year

Instagram is a vibrant digital landscape where creativity can be used to connect with anyone. It can also be just as powerful and useful for your business as it is for creators to drive your brand awareness, build a loyal community, and open up new opportunities. So, how can you grow? While there is fierce competition and constantly evolving algorithms, let’s dive into some creative strategies that will help your follower count rise this year. 


Content is King (and Queen)

High-Quality & Engaging Content

One of the most important things to remember about Instagram is that it is a social media platform with a wide variety of images and videos. So, to stand out, your content must be visually captivating in equal parts as it is valuable and engaging to the viewer. Instagram offers different formats like photos, videos, stories, Reels, and Lives. Don’t shy away from experimenting with these formats, but also make sure each of your posts resonates with your brand and message. A strategically curated feed that captures the essence of your brand is essential to captivate and grow your audience.

Engaging Captions & Storytelling

While visuals are what may pique interest, it’s the story that forms a connection with the viewer. Craft captions that are not just descriptive but tell an engaging story that will make your followers laugh or ponder. Invite them into a conversation with thought-provoking questions or relatable stories to share. Let your captions speak for your images by using strong and descriptive words. 

Trending Music & Challenges

Picking trending music or participating in a challenge are ways to get more reach and on the homepage feed of more viewers. Add your unique flair to each trend to maintain your brand’s integrity. Instagram’s Trend Report can be a great source for staying updated on what is buzzing on the platform. Remember, though, authenticity resonates louder than mere trend-chasing.


Beyond the Post: Engagement & Community Building

Active Interaction & Responding to Comments

Your audience needs to feel seen and heard. So once you post something, don’t sit back and observe what happens. Interacting with them is key. Respond to comments thoughtfully, spark discussions, and show appreciation for their engagement. This proximity with your following cultivates trust and connection.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is the digital world’s word-of-mouth marketing. It harnesses the power of community and adds a layer of authenticity to your brand. Prompt your audience to share their experiences with your brand or product with features, such as contests, and always give credit when reposting their content. This gesture not only amplifies your reach but also rewards engagement.

Collaborations & Influencer Partnerships

Tapping into the audiences of peers or influencers who share a symbiotic relationship with your brand can also help your reach, leading to a flourishing online community and more followers. Seek collaborations that align with your brand’s ethics and aesthetics, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Optimization & Visibility

Strategic Hashtags

Think of hashtags as your allies and a way to increase your visibility on Instagram. Using the right mix of broad-appeal and niche-specific hashtags is critical to drawing in your target audience. Research and refresh your hashtag sets regularly to stay relevant and create a hashtag specifically for your brand. 

Location Tags & Cross-Promotion

Geotags help direct your posts to where your local followers are on the map, while cross-promotion on other social media networks ensures that your Instagram endeavors don’t go unnoticed. Let each social presence feed into the other, creating a cohesive brand narrative.

Utilizing Instagram Insights & Analytics

The numbers behind your posts are also significant. Instagram Insights provides a magnifying glass to understand what posts are doing the best and which ones viewers don’t find as captivating. So, keep an eye on what types of content are performing when your audience is most active, and then fine-tune your next posts and strategy to maximize engagement.

Building a loyal Instagram following takes creativity, consistency, and strategic effort—no magic tricks involved. Forge genuine connections with your audience, experiment, and enjoy the journey! As you cultivate an engaged community, opportunities will blossom. For sustainable growth, avoid shortcuts and fake followers. Connect with Volume Nine for expert guidance on crafting a winning Instagram strategy. 

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