Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024

Business owners, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring digital enthusiasts can all benefit immensely from the wealth of information and networking opportunities digital marketing conferences offer. These events provide a platform for attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of emerging technologies, data analytics, and innovative marketing tools. Additionally, networking with industry leaders, experts, and like-minded peers can foster collaboration, inspire creativity, and open doors to new partnerships and business ventures. 

In an era where staying ahead of the digital curve is critical, these conferences are catalysts for professional growth, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of the digital marketing landscape and drive success in their respective fields.

If you want to attend digital marketing conferences but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of worthwhile conferences in 2024 across the country – but first, let’s talk about the benefits of participating in these events.

Why Attend Digital Marketing Conferences?

Stay Updated on Trends

Conferences provide firsthand insights into the latest trends and advancements in digital marketing, keeping you well-informed about the current landscape.

Networking Opportunities

These events offer a unique chance to connect with industry experts, potential collaborators, and like-minded professionals, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to partnerships and business opportunities.

Skill Enhancement

Conference workshops and sessions often focus on practical skills and hands-on experience, allowing you to enhance your proficiency in key areas of digital marketing, from analytics to emerging technologies.

Innovative Strategies

Conferences showcase innovative strategies and successful case studies, inspiring you to adapt and implement creative approaches in your own marketing efforts.

Tool and Technology Insights

Stay updated about the latest tools, technologies, and marketing platforms, helping attendees make informed decisions about incorporating new solutions into their digital strategies.

Industry Knowledge Exchange

Engage in discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions with industry leaders, gaining diverse perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the digital marketing realm.

Career Advancement

If you’re looking to advance your career, attending conferences can provide exposure to new job opportunities, career paths, and insights into the skills employers are seeking in the evolving digital landscape.

Brand Visibility

Conferences often present opportunities for businesses to showcase their products or services, increasing brand visibility and potentially attracting new clients or customers.

Adaptation to Regulatory Changes

Stay informed about any regulatory changes affecting the digital marketing landscape, ensuring compliance and understanding how to navigate potential challenges.

Inspiration and Motivation

Conferences are not just about learning but also about gaining inspiration and motivation from industry success stories, which can energize you to approach your work with renewed enthusiasm and creativity.


Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024

Digital Summit

Dates and locations:

Orlando, FL: February 26-27

Las Vegas, NV: March 13-14

Chicago, IL: April 3-4

Denver, CO: June 10-11

Minneapolis, MN: August 14-15

Raleigh, NC: November 4-5

Dallas, TX:  December 4-5

Held both in-person and virtually, Digital Summit covers a diverse range of game-changing tactics and tools impacting current marketing strategies. From Accessibility and AI & Chat GPT to Influencer Marketing, SEO Performance & Strategy, and Viral Branding & Messaging, the conference delves into the latest trends across various domains. You can expect to gain insights into B2B Marketing, Content Planning & Development, Creative & Design, Data & Analytics, eCommerce, Email Deliverability & Engagement, Future-proofing Tactics, Mental Health & Professional Growth, Omnichannel, Paid Ads, Social Strategy for major platforms, UX & Consumer Behavior, and more. 

Digital Summit hosts thought leaders and creatives from prestigious brands like Amazon, Ford, Google, LinkedIn, NBA, TikTok, and Zillow. Attendees can engage in casual networking, participate in peer-driven roundtable discussions, and explore new professional opportunities. The conference emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring that regardless of company size or budget, every marketer can benefit from the latest tactics and impactful strategies. Intensive Masterclasses elevate the experience, offering deep dives into topics like SEO, Email, Branding, and Google Analytics 4. 


Date: June 3-4

Location: Seattle, WA

MozCon promises an immersive experience, offering next-level tactics on various topics. You can expect to dive deep into the latest trends, from strategies to rank higher in today’s search landscape to making data-driven marketing decisions and future-proofing businesses. The conference will explore pivotal themes such as ChatGPT, E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), TikTok marketing strategies, the latest ranking factors, and algorithm updates. This two-day event is a unique opportunity for SEO specialists, marketers, business owners, and executives to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from industry experts, and gain insights into the future of digital marketing. With an engaging lineup of sponsors, MozCon steers clear of traditional expo halls for a more interactive experience. 

22 industry experts will share invaluable insights and top tips to help navigate the challenges faced by marketers today, including:

Amanda Jordan, Director of Digital Strategy at RicketyRoo
Bernard Huang, Co-founder at Clearscope
Andy Crestodina, Co-founder/CMO at Orbit Media Studios
Britney Muller, Founder at Data Sci 101


Date: September 10-12

Location: Cleveland, OH

MAICON’s central theme revolves around leveraging AI to propel marketing into the future. Attendees will delve into the strategic application of AI across various stages of the marketing process.

Beyond the technical aspects, the conference envisions AI not only as a technological tool but as a means to make brands more human. It focuses on the strategic approach to problem-solving, identifying use cases, and integrating AI as it rapidly evolves. MAICON invites participants to join in building a roadmap together, positioning AI as a transformative force to enhance both marketing and the broader human experience. The conference emphasizes community and networking, providing opportunities for meaningful connections. 

MAICON offers a lineup of prominent marketing AI professionals who will share case studies, methodologies, and technologies. The conference focuses on delivering timely keynotes along with actionable breakout sessions tailored for non-technical audiences. You will learn to understand AI, educate your teams, gain executive support, pilot AI use cases, and develop strategies for successfully scaling AI. The emphasis is on making AI accessible to marketing and business leaders, irrespective of their background in analytics, data science, or programming.


Date: September 18-20

Location: Boston, MA

Inbound, HubSpot’s three-day conference, explores the latest trends and tactics in marketing, sales, and artificial intelligence (AI). The event covers a range of topics, including professional development opportunities, actionable insights for immediate implementation, and global networking with passionate professionals in marketing, sales, operations, and customer success. Themes revolve around personal and career growth, community building, and equipping attendees with inspiration and perspectives to tackle new challenges. Inbound promises a holistic 360° experience, blending top-notch education, vibrant community-building, entertainment, wellness, and surprise moments on-site. The conference features inspiring keynotes, educational breakouts, hands-on workshops, and HubSpot product announcements and demos. Attendees can anticipate plenty of actionable insights and innovative strategies from influential figures.

Previous speakers have included President Barack Obama, neurobiology professor Andrew Huberman, renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, and acclaimed actress Reese Witherspoon – we can’t wait to see the 2024 lineup!



Dates and locations: 

Seattle, WA: April 29-30

San Diego, CA: May 2-3

Houston, TX: May 13-14

New York City, NY: May 16-17

Chicago, IL: May 22-23

Atlanta, GA: June 20-21

Washington, D.C.: July 1-2

Denver, CO: October 21-22


*See all dates and locations here.


DigiMarCon aims to inspire, challenge, and transform attendees through powerful addresses, diverse presentations, and big ideas presented by innovators and thought leaders. This year’s conference covers a broad spectrum of topics, including Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Predictive Analytics & Attribution, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, and many more. The conference is designed to address the latest trends and best practices across various aspects of digital marketing, providing a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape. You will learn from experts in the field, hear success stories from businesses implementing digital marketing techniques, and gain actionable insights to achieve success in the digital realm. 

Experience thought-provoking insights from audacious speakers in the digital marketing, media, and advertising industries. DigiMarCon 2024 promises top keynotes, case studies, strategy sessions, and networking events, making it a must-attend conference. 

Content Marketing World

Date: October 21 (Workshops) and October 22-23 (Conference)

Location: San Diego, CA

Content Marketing World offers a comprehensive agenda covering every facet of content marketing. With a variety of session tracks, participants can customize their experience based on their interests and needs. Topics span from AI in Marketing, Analytics & Data, Brand Strategies, and Content Creation & Development to Content Experiences, Content ROI, Content Strategy, Storytelling Techniques, Visual & Audio Experiences, and more. The program includes workshops, executive sessions, industry masterclasses, and purposeful marketing discussions, providing attendees with the tools and knowledge to advance their content marketing strategies. Content Marketing World is a unique opportunity to reinvigorate marketing approaches, connect with industry leaders, and stay at the forefront of content marketing trends.

Now in its 14th year and produced by the Content Marketing Institute, it promises a stellar lineup of over 150 expert speakers. You can anticipate insights and inspiration from marketing leaders, content creators, communications experts, agencies, and creative professionals worldwide. The program includes dynamic keynotes and sessions that delve into the latest trends and strategies in the ever-evolving realm of content marketing.

MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Date: November 12-14

Location: Boston, MA

With a comprehensive focus on B2B marketing, the MarketingProfs B2B Forum promises an enriching experience where attendees can gather insights, share ideas, and have a little fun along the way in the dynamic world of B2B marketing.

The forum includes three days filled with hands-on workshops, inspirational keynotes, topical sessions, and opportunities for individual and group brainstorming. The forum gathers hundreds of fellow marketers and expert speakers, all dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and insights to enhance the world of B2B marketing. The program delivers valuable content that anticipates B2B marketers’ needs. Attendees consistently appreciate the unique blend of tactical sessions, inspirational keynotes, and off-the-clock antics that set this forum apart.

Topics include Account Based Marketing (ABM), Artificial Intelligence, Branding, Change Management, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Demand Generation, Email Marketing, Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Landing Page Conversions, Leadership, Metrics & Measurement, One-On-One Consulting, Roundtables, Sales Enablement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Strategy, Storytelling, Video Marketing, and more. 

Whether you want to stay updated on trends, expand your professional network, or enhance your skills, digital marketing conferences are a strategic investment in your professional growth and success. From thought-provoking keynotes to immersive masterclasses, these events offer a unique blend of insights, strategies, and practical skills to navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. So, mark your calendars, engage with industry leaders, and elevate your digital marketing journey in 2024. 

At Volume Nine, we take continuous learning – and our role in it – very seriously. That’s why we offer resources like guides and events that facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the digital marketing community. Let’s make 2024 a year of growth and shape the future of digital marketing together!

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