The problems with flat out

The desire for 11 is proof that we often want to go all the way to ten.

While 11 is silly, there is a lot of pressure to give our all.

But there are problems.

The first is that if you try to sprint an entire marathon, you’ll hurt yourself. Systems can be stressed for short periods, but they burn out much more quickly if we overdo it.

The second is that a system running flat out needs constant attention.

This attention distracts us from all the alternatives, strategies and shortcuts that present themselves along the way.

When we’re at maximum all the time, there’s no acceleration or deceleration, both of which create opportunities for change and growth.

The hypervigilance required to go at full speed gives us no room to breathe or even improve.

And if we’re at a full sprint, we’ve robbed ourselves of the flexibility to turn it up, right at the moment when it’s most needed.

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