Focus on Talent: 25 B2B Influencer Marketing Experts To Follow In 2024

Who are some of the top B2B influencer marketing experts to learn from and follow as we head into 2024?

Hot on the heels of the publication of our comprehensive 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report, plenty of questions that go beyond the scope of what can fit even into a robust 39-page report remain, especially when B2B influencer marketing has seen continuing record growth, such as:

85% of B2B marketers are working with influencers, up 34% from 2020 and 46% from 2022
93%  of B2B marketers say the pressure to prove marketing return on investment (ROI) has increased in the past year
70% of the most effective B2B marketers say their influencer program is entirely outsourced
94% of marketers believe influencer marketing is a successful strategy for B2B
53% of B2B marketers say identifying, qualifying and engaging with ideal influencers is their top influencer marketing program challenge

We’re always happy to answer any and all questions about influencer marketing here at TopRank Marketing, and we’re also thrilled to be able to help highlight some of those in the larger B2B influencer marketing community who have unique insight, experience, and perspectives to share.

For over 22 years, we’ve had the honor of helping a diverse array of the world’s top B2B marketers and major global brands elevate beyond merely being competitive, to truly standing out from the crowd with creative and award-winning successes.

When it comes to the growing power of influence the B2B marketing world is expected to see in 2024 and well into the future, there’s much to learn, and luckily we’ve had the honor of featuring many key B2B marketing innovators in our newest B2B influencer marketing report.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at 25 top B2B influencer marketing professionals to follow and learn from in the year ahead.

Focus on Talent: 25 B2B Influencer Marketing Experts To Follow In 2024

Victoria Tokarz
Head of Influencer Marketing,

Anton Shulke
Head of Influencer Marketing,

Tequia Burt
Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Collective
& LinkedIn Ads Blog, Senior Content
Marketing Manager,

Meg Crawford
Senior Digital Media & Influencer
Marketing Manager,

Jon Leiberman
Vice President of Corporate Communications,

Lina Forrestal
Program Manager, Influencer Marketing
and Social Media Content Strategy,

Renee Roth
Head of Influencer Marketing

Drew Tambling
Senior Director, Analyst & Influencer Relations

Lucinda R. Henry
Brand Content & Global Influencer
Program Strategist,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Patrick Jones
Social Business Team,
Influencer Relations,
Dell Technologies

Srijana Angdembey
Director, Digital Marketing,

Nic Michael
Manager, Influencer Partnerships
and Social Media,

Gale Daikoku
Director, Global Influencer Marketing Lead,

Karin Apjarova
GLobal Marketing Director –
Communication Industry

Pamela Stephens
Digital Media Manager | Media
Partnerships & Influencer Marketing,

Angela Lipscomb
Influencer Relations Manager

Ryan Lytle
Director, Social Media,

Joe Pulizzi
The Tilt

Carla Meyer
Director of Social Media,
Content and Influencer Marketing,

Leah Marshall
Senior Director, Influencer Marketing,
Association of National Advertisers

Neal Schaffer
Digital & Social Media
Marketing Consultant

Lee Odden
Founder & Board Advisor
TopRank Marketing

Pam Moore
CEO and Founder,
Marketing Nutz

Jay Baer
Convince & Convert

Debbie Friez
Associate Director, Influence & Social Media
TopRank Marketing

Thanks To Each B2B Influencer Marketing Innovator

We extend many thanks to each of the inspiring 25 B2B influencer marketing subject matter experts we’ve shared both in our latest report and here, and encourage you to follow and learn from each. While no such list can ever be completely thorough, we hope that these leading experts on the power of influencer will help to elevate your own B2B marketing efforts.

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Since we first began providing professional influencer marketing services to B2B companies all the way back in 2012,  the number of influencer marketing roles at B2B brands has steadily increased yearly — a trend that is expected to continue into 2024.

You’ll find much more about the future of B2B influencer marketing and its power to build relationships and create influencer communities in our all-new 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report. It’s data-packed 39 pages are rich with survey insights, case studies from B2B brands, top influencer marketing predictions, and much more.

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