10 Examples of Company Profile Pages to Inspire Yours

What makes you different than the other guy?

This is the question on everyone’s mind — potential buyer, job applicant, or investor — when they hear about your business for the first time. 

So, what’s your answer? What’s your elevator pitch of differentiation? 

This is why you have a company profile page on your website. It’s your chance to tell your story with a little more depth than you would on your homepage. But this is easier said than done. Do you go bold and risk alienating some visitors — or do you do you play it safe and risk coming off as bland and, even worse, forgettable?

As marketing coaches and web designers, we’ve seen a fair number of these projects. Below, we’ve pulled together some examples to inspire your own company profile page, along with a brief description of what makes us like each one. 

What is a company profile, and how is it different from an ‘about us’ page?

Your company profile is a professional introduction and aims to provide people with an overview of your business. It might cover:

Your history
Your mission or core values
The future of your company
An overview of products and services.

In general, your company profile tends to be a bit more formal than an “About Us” page.

Your About Us page might contain some of the same information, but it tends to be less reserved. It will often include employee headshots and bios, and maybe some customer testimonials or other details. 

Depending on your needs, you may have one or the other, or you may have both. Or, you may use the terms interchangeably. 

In any case, below are 10 examples to help you create your own. 

1. ClickUp: Shaking things up

ClickUp is a project management platform with a simple motto: Save one day of work each week. If teams are stuck using cumbersome tools, they spend less time working. 

This break-free mentality is all over ClickUp’s about page, which is splashed in bright colors, with pictures of the people who make the company run, but it’s less headshots and more company get-togethers. 

The focus here is on core values that make ClickUp different from everybody else out there. 

2. Brooks Running: Changing the world

For those who are serious about it, running isn’t an exercise, it’s an identity. Brooks Running feels less like a brand and more like an affinity group for those who are in the know. Taglines like “Running is a gift” and “The run is who we are” deeply connect the product to the person and the experience. 

Although Brooks mostly sells sneakers, they also offer a running club that furthers the idea of community. 

3. Neumann Monson Architects: Your trusted partner

Iowa-based architects Neumann Monson know that trust has to be at the core of every business relationship. If you’re an organization contracting NMA to take a project from blueprint to building, you need to know you’re dealing with a firm that keeps its promises. 

NMA’s “Who we are” page includes photos, videos, and well-chosen language to convey to the world the values they hold dear. 

In an unhurried two minutes, this video describes the core values of the firm.

4. Starbucks: Serving up human connection

Starbucks has long positioned itself as the third place in people’s lives — not home, not work, but a third place that offers pieces of each of the other two: connection, creativity, and comfort. 

It’s no surprise, then, that its mission plays so prominently on its website, with colorful imagery behind it. You can look elsewhere and find the company’s history. Here, the focus is on the visitor who enters a Starbucks and encounters community. 

At least, that’s the idea. 

5. Renaissance: Seeing every student

Ed-tech company Renaissance misses a chance to get more milage out of its great tagline: “See Every Student.” I would love to see that messaging moved down to the hero section, swapped out with the “global leader” sub head.

Still, there’s a lot to like about this mission-driven business that seeks to improve student outcomes by helping teachers. 

Renaissance leans heavily on its history and success to tell a compelling story. “Since 1986…” and “more than 40% of U.S. schools…” remind visitors that this brand is trusted by thousands of districts — a reputation they’re built over time.

This makes an interesting contrast to our first example, ClickUp, which lets its young history support its position as a rule-breaker. 

6. goodr Sunglasses: Great vibes, great glasses

What’s not to like about a fun-loving company with an admirable mission? Here, sunglass maker goodr gives the story behind its flat-rate $25 sunglasses. We get a clear sense of company culture from the images used, the playful names of different models, and this quick snippet that explains the company’s history in just a few sentences:

7. Chewy: Making pet parenting easier

Pet-supply brand Chewy has always been praised for its customer service. In Chewy’s mind, pets come first. 

(I remember once getting a big delivery of cat food that was sent to the former owner of our house. I called Chewy’s customer service line to find out about returning it. They asked that I donate it to a shelter or give to a friend with a cat.)

Chewy’s profile page reminds us, very simply, of the joy that pets bring to our lives. The company’s mission is to make pet ownership easier so that we can keep our furry friends healthy and happy. 

8. Align: Helping teams succeed

Align is a team management platform that keeps tasks and priorities on track. In its About Us page, Align makes it clear that the priority is transparency and success. By starting its page with “We believe…”, the company puts its principles front and center. 

Below, there’s a visually-pleasing graphic that represents the size of Align’s influence.

While the numbers are impressive, they’re a reminder of something else: Success is the product of many small actions. For a business to scale, countless small goals and tasks, and meetings must go well. Align helps you make sure they do. 

9. Zappos: Growing beyond your roots

If you don’t shop there regularly, you might think of Zappos as just an online shoe warehouse. But the company has expanded, explaining that it was never about shoes — it was always about delivering WOW for the customers. 

Today, the company sells clothing and other items, and its About Us page predicts more expansion in the future, as long as that growth aligns with the company’s 10 core values. 


10. HubSpot: Helping millions grow better

Business software firm HubSpot offers a counterbalance to the traditional business growth strategy. By saying “We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul,” co-founders Brian and Darmesh set their business apart.

And, considering that HubSpot’s software helps thousands of businesses around the world “grow better”, this page sends a clear message that growth does not have to be ruthless. 

Tell your story

Your About Us of Company Profile pages aren’t going to be the first one your visitors seek out, but they are important differentiators, especially in a crowded marketplace. Many buyers will want to get to know your brand and your people to know who they’ll be dealing with. 

Plus, 81% of consumers say they need to trust brands to do what’s right, and, as we saw in the examples above, core values figure prominently in many Company Profile pages.

So, how do you tell your story? What makes your brand what it is? What separates you from the rest of the marketplace?

If these questions are hard to answer, reach out to the team at IMPACT. From custom web design to a proven marketing framework, we help businesses like yours stand out in your marketplace. 

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