B2B Marketers on the Move: Spotlighting Autumn B2B Industry Leadership Talent

As November marches ahead towards 2024, so to do exciting new opportunities, and as B2B marketers adjust to the changes this year has already brought — from the rise of AI tools to the increasing power of personalization, the industry continues to offer growth opportunities as well as unexpected shifts that often seem to happen so quickly they can be difficult to fully appreciate.

For over 22 years, TopRank Marketing has had the honor of helping a diverse selection of the world’s top B2B marketers and major global brands elevate beyond merely being competitive, to truly standing out from the crowd with creative and award-winning successes such as our recently-launched 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report.

Throughout 2023 we’ve focused on elevating through intelligence, relevance, and the kinds of human touches that set brand messaging apart from the increasing reach of those touched solely by AI. In this spirit, over the past several years now we have regularly taken the time to honor and congratulate B2B marketing leaders who have recently seen career advancement.

B2B marketers taking on new leadership roles naturally seek out trusted resources that help professionals in new positions hit the ground running, and TopRank Marketing is honored to be a go-to B2B content and influencer marketing agency for so many top marketers in new leadership roles. As we push towards 2024, we continue to seek out B2B technology industry influencers advancing in their careers to partner with on compelling and unique content collaborations.

We extend our heartfelt soon-to-be winter congratulations to each of the B2B marketing leaders featured in this twelfth edition of B2B Marketers on the Move, and extend our thanks for those who have shared insightful B2B marketing career advice.

B2B Marketers on the Move: Celebrating B2B Industry Rising Leadership

Lauren McCadney has taken a new position as Vice President, Performance Marketing, at CDW.

Do not aspire to be someone else. Define success for yourself. Then be brave and pursue it with reckless abandon.

Lauren McCadney

Carolyn Shelby has taken a new position as Principal SEO at Yoast.

Stay on top of the latest technologies and changes in the industry (obviously), but also make a concerted effort to *show up* and network at industry conferences (speak if possible!) even if you think you don’t have anything new or earth shattering to contribute. Try to write for industry publications. What is old news to you might be earth shattering to someone else, so share your knowledge. Being visible and available is important, and writing establishes your credibility and expertise.

Carolyn Shelby

Ryan Gervais has taken a new position as Senior Manager, Demand Generation Strategist, at Deloitte.

In a world where business challenges seem to be increasingly complex, logic alone may not be enough. Leaders can drive growth and adapt with resilience by harnessing the power of human creativity.

Ryan Gervais

Kristine Naltchadjian has taken a new position as Regional Director Southern Europe, at Coursera.

The road to success is long, sometimes perilous, but above all different for everyone. The trick is to believe in it. To have this deep will, this great conviction, that we can do it.

Kristine Naltchadjian

Susan Wenograd has taken a new position as Fractional CMO at Three Ventures Technology, Inc.

What do you have no control over that gets in the way of doing your job better?’ This is something almost no company asks a marketer, but it would be such a productive conversation.

Susan Wenograd

Michaela Balderston has taken a new position as Head of Marketing & Communications at Lead Edge Capital.

I’ve always loved working closely with CEOs as they scale their businesses and it’s never been more clear that to succeed in today’s environment, adding value is not just a nice to have, it’s a need to have.

Michaela Balderston

W. Morgan Lippitt has been promoted to Head of Global Product GTM, LinkedIn Ads, at LinkedIn*.

What makes a great brand and who are the leaders in brand building? The answers to these questions are what every marketer (including me) spends their career constantly exploring, challenging, and innovating against all in service of evolving the art and science of our craft.

W. Morgan Lippitt

Shelly Fagin has taken a new position as Director of SEO at DigitalOcean.

Building a strong industry network is key when you looking to make position moves. Attending conferences and the social events surrounding them is how you build the relationships that will give you the connections to get your foot in the door at your dream company. When you get there, know you deserve to be there and let your instincts lead you.

Shelly Fagin

Martin Hanna has taken a new position as Vice President of Communications at Vontier.

Never forget we’re a support function and we exist only if we add value. You need to understand the business and talk in the language of your leaders and customers to be in the best position to add significant value and be a successful business partner or trusted advisor.

Martin Hanna

Carola de Jong has taken a new position as Strategic Field Marketing Lead, BNE, at Miro.

Lucy Zarlengo has taken a new position as Chief Marketing Officer at Employ.

Don’t be afraid to recognize and embrace your greatness and what makes you unique as a marketer and as a leader, even if it might seem out of place in the environment you work it. Some of the best career opportunities you likely will have will come from others who see and appreciate this greatness.

Lucy Zarlengo

Nick Heim has taken a new position as Director of Growth at BioRender.

Carol-Lyn Jardine has taken a new position as Vice President of Growth Marketing at DHI Group, Inc.

Whether you’re all in on a remote-first workforce, starting to transition back to the office, or leveraging the best of both worlds with a hybrid approach, it’s critical to make sure you’re sourcing talent with motivations that are aligned to both the role and your company culture.

Carol-Lyn Jardine

Jose Miguel Amenabar has taken a new position as Consumer Brand Manager – Dell Outlet, at Dell Technologies.

Alyssa Clementi has taken a new position as Director of Communications and Community Engagement at HCA Healthcare.

Emotional Intelligence is a key indicator of future job performance and leadership potential.

Alyssa Clementi

Caitlin Doyle has taken a new position as Social Media Manager at MRP.

Posting on LinkedIn should be a balance between helpful content for those in your industry, and personal posts that show you are. This goes for personal profiles and brands! People want to connect with brands and individuals they can see and relate to.

Caitlin Doyle

Jessica Martin has taken a new position as Head of Marketing at Metaphor Data.

Kaylee Hultgren has been promoted to Content Director at Access Intelligence.

Donna Robinson has taken a new position as President & CEO at TopRank Marketing.

The transition of leadership is as much an evolution as it is a revolution. As I step into this new role at TopRank Marketing, my philosophy for 2024 and beyond is clear: leaders in the B2B space must embrace adaptability and foresight. The market is too dynamic for us to stay stagnant.

Donna Robinson

Thanks To Each of These Rising Leaders For Helping Elevate B2B Marketing

We offer our thanks to each of the talented B2B marketing professionals we’ve featured here, who have all recently been promoted or taken on new industry positions. We’re certain that each of you will elevate with intelligence, relevance and a human touch, and reach new heights as we push ahead towards 2024.

You can find our previous edition of B2B Marketers on the Move here, and if you want to talk about how to make your own content spring to life this year, we’re ready to help.

*LinkedIn is a TopRank Marketing client.

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