AI For Your Business | CEO Bob Ruffolo Shares His Perspective [Endless Customers Podcast S.1. Ep. 42]

“I make a lot of parallels to the rise of AI as to the rise of the internet,” says Founder & CEO of IMPACT, Bob Ruffolo. 

He goes on to say that “the internet came on pretty fast, so it might have been slow in the beginning, but all of a sudden no one was using faxes anymore. Everything was now via email. AI is going to be the exact same way.” 

Bob doesn’t mince words when discussing the inevitability of AI transforming job markets. “Of course, it’s going to take people’s jobs. Yes! We all need to be paying attention to this because AI is going to change the way every company operates.” He emphasizes that AI will significantly impact companies’ operations, influencing every aspect of careers and daily tasks.

Bob also shares Impact’s strategic shift towards becoming an AI-first company. Since the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022, Impact has embedded AI into its core operations, driving efficiencies and enhancing service delivery. 

For business leaders, being proactively engaged with AI is a necessary step. Educating your employees and fostering a culture of experimentation and innovation are critical. As AI continues to evolve, businesses that embrace these principles will be better positioned to thrive in the competitive landscape.

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Bob Ruffolo is the founder and CEO of IMPACT, a coaching and training company that helps businesses improve their sales, marketing, communication, and leadership. Bob is relentlessly focused on helping people grow as professionals and as leaders. The purpose of IMPACT is to create heroes, grow businesses, and change lives, a responsibility he takes very seriously. Bob is humbled by the recognition he has received, including being a 40 under 40 winner and being listed on Glassdoor’s Best CEO for Small Businesses list. He also believes in giving back to the community and currently sits on the board of several nonprofits and charitable foundations.

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