The near future (and summer reads)

Near-future science fiction is a fine way to consider our now. Without the reality of today, we can think hard about the tomorrow we’re about to live in.

Summer reads are supposed to be a bit lighter.

Technological change is making our near future a bit harder to dance with, and yet, here are some books I strongly recommend–not because they gloss over our possible futures, but because they give us the scaffolding to look hard at it while we can still make an impact.

Foundry is a thriller about semiconductors. Fast-moving and classic Peper.

When Harley Was One is the very first novel I read about AI. I was 12 years old. Gerrold wrote this a lifetime ago, and yet it will make you think.

The Ministry for the Future is heartbreaking and life-changing. Every human should be offered a copy and encouraged to read it.

The Very Nice Box helps us think about workplace roles (with some marketing and design as a bonus).

The Last Policeman is fabulous metaphor and a great way to get clear about how you’d like to spend tomorrow.

All highly recommended.

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