HubSpot vs. Salesforce: Which One is Right For Your Business? [Endless Customers S.1. Ep. 40]


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“If you’re a business owner thinking about getting a CRM or making a CRM switch, the two biggest options are like iPhone vs. Android, Pepsi vs. Coke, McDonald’s vs. Burger King. You know what it is: HubSpot vs. Salesforce.” says Will Smith, HubSpot trainer at IMPACT.

At first glance, Will notes, “Salesforce caters to large brands like IBM and Mercedes, who have dedicated teams to manage and customize their CRM. They can handle the complexity and resources required. For small to medium-sized businesses, HubSpot’s ease of use and intuitive design make it a better choice. HubSpot is user-friendly and doesn’t require extensive resources to manage.”

Discussing the cost factor, “HubSpot allows businesses to start small and grow over time, whereas Salesforce often requires a significant upfront investment. This tiered approach makes HubSpot more accessible for growing businesses.” says Will.

Will described the differences in customization in an analogy to smartphones: “Salesforce is like an Android phone – highly customizable with countless options, making it great for complex needs. HubSpot, on the other hand, is more like an iPhone – intuitive and straightforward, designed for ease of use.”

Because of this customization, Will points out that Salesforce is “ideal for complex, large-scale operations. Its powerful analytics and reporting tools provide detailed insights, crucial for big enterprises.”

However, he points out that HubSpot is not just for small businesses, “HubSpot also offers enterprise-level capabilities, making it a scalable solution that can grow with your business.”

Will shares his own personal journey with HubSpot, “HubSpot was my first CRM. I started with their free inbound marketing training at HubSpot Academy while running my own online music production company. The training was invaluable and led me to fully embrace HubSpot.”

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Will Smith is a certified HubSpot Trainer with a track record of 100+ companies successfully onboarded to the HubSpot platform.

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