Google’s ‘How Search Works’ series is more enlightening than you might think

In a bid to demystify the complexities of search engine optimization (SEO), Google has launched a new educational video series titled “How Search Works.”

The series, which is available on Google’s Search Central YouTube channel, is designed to provide an inside look at the intricate workings of Google Search.

The series is spearheaded by Google engineer Gary Illyes, who brings his expertise to bear in explaining the technical aspects of Google’s search functionality in an understandable manner. The primary goal of the series is to help website owners, marketers, and anyone interested in SEO to increase the visibility of their sites.

The Mechanics of Google Search

The “How Search Works” series is a five-part exploration into the technical aspects of Google’s Search functionality. The series is designed to unpack the three core stages of Google Search: Crawling, Indexing, and Serving.

Crawling refers to the process by which Google discovers URLs and explores the web. Indexing, on the other hand, is how Google understands a page’s content and context in relation to the internet, storing it in a searchable format. Serving is the method Google employs to serve and rank search results.

The series aims to delve deeper into these stages, providing insights into the components of search results and how to optimize webpages to enhance visibility. Future episodes of the series will dissect these components in more detail, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of how Google Search works.

Key Takeaways and Potential Impact

One of the key takeaways from the first episode of the series is the emphasis on the fact that Google does not accept payment for more frequent crawling or higher ranking. This is a critical point for understanding Google Search, as it underscores the importance of quality content and proper SEO practices over financial transactions in achieving a favorable position in search results.

Another important point underlined by Illyes is the paramount importance of a website’s content quality in achieving a favorable position in search results. Google’s definition of quality content will be explained in future episodes, providing website owners and marketers with valuable insights into what Google considers when ranking websites.

However, it remains unclear how Google’s new “How Search Works” video series will differ from its existing videos like “Search for Beginners.” Based on the introduction, there is potential for a lot of repetitive content between the two series. However, as advocates for publishing unique content, one would expect that the new videos will provide additional insights and information beyond what has already been covered in previous educational materials from Google.

The “How Search Works” series offers marketers valuable insights into the technical inner workings of Google Search. By learning about critical SEO concepts like crawling, indexing, and serving, marketers can better optimize websites to improve visibility and rankings on Google. The series aims to give marketers a clearer picture of how to optimize sites for Google Search ethically.

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