Leading in the era of AI with Nuri Cankaya

Nuri Cankaya, Intel’s Vice President of AI Product Marketing discusses the rapid pace of artificial intelligence (AI) development, the ethical dilemmas that go along with it, and the importance of secure AI.

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Episode Summary

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the way brands communicate has many industry leaders curious about the future of marketing. However, while AI’s potential is boundless and often exciting, it’s also filled with uncertainty and ethical dilemmas that require humanity to pay close attention.

In a groundbreaking episode, Nuri Cankaya speaks candidly about the world of AI and the importance of secure AI.  A true visionary whose journey with AI began in his university days, Nuri has since shaped his goals for Intel to integrate AI into everyday facets of life.

Diving deep into the importance of secure AI, privacy threats, the looming risks, and the eerie realm of AI-generated deepfakes when it comes to marketing, Nuri gets to the heart of what it means to lead in the era of AI to creatively redefine the future of marketing and beyond.

He also shares Intel’s commitment to security, ethics, and sustainability, as he paints a picture of a future where technology and responsibility go hand in hand.

Hot Topics:

The importance of implementing regulation in the AI industry to combat privacy and security threats, such as AI-generated deep fakes or exposing enterprise customers to security risks
The impact of AI on various industries and the ethical dilemmas many marketers will face that go along with it
How AI models are training themselves without human interaction and what this means for the future of AI and marketing

Tune in to become part of the conversation that’s shaping tomorrow’s marketing technology landscape.

Meet Nuri

With over twenty years of experience in marketing and innovation, Nuri Cankaya has established a profound career in AI Product Marketing at Intel.

Dedicated to aiding esteemed clients in navigating their business challenges and exceeding objectives with AI’s transformative capabilities, Nuri is a true futurist. His enthusiasm for the subject is evident in his engaging presentations on “AI and the Future,” delivered at various customer and community events.

His passion not only drives him to share his vast knowledge and insights but has also inspired him to author books on the forefront of technology. Nuri’s works delve into topics such as AI, Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain, reflecting his deep commitment to exploring and shaping the future of the digital world.

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