Lead With Accountability To Drive Sales [Endless Customers Podcast S.1  Ep.12]

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Sales managers are responsible for sales performance. This makes perfect sense — until you start looking into it with fresh eyes. 

In most organizations, sales managers don’t do much that can actually change sales outcomes. Sales meetings are more about pipeline updates and metrics reviews than they are about coaching sales teams to improve. 

Instead, says Chris Duprey, these meetings should focus on building the skills that really help their sales reps close more deals

Chris is a business coach who specializes in sales training. As he sees it, selling today is not about a detailed sales pitch and an air-tight slide deck. Research shows that the sales reps who are good listeners and rapport builders are the ones who win.

Sales managers must change the way they lead their teams, says Chris, turning ho-hum report-based meetings into training sessions.

Instead of spending meetings just doing pipeline review, they can:

Review sales calls to find missed opportunities
Role-play customer interactions to prepare for future meetings
Build communication skills so conversations are more productive
Practice active listening techniques

Sales reps need to be communication experts, not just product experts. When sales managers understand this, the way they lead their teams can begin to change — and the outcomes will soon follow.

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Chris Duprey is a sought-after speaker and business coach with over two decades of leadership experience. 

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