Wild Hope Now: The power of books for causes

Non-profits and charities depend on the emotional and financial support of their backers. And that support is always based on a story. A story of possibility, of justice, of community. They serve to right wrongs, to fix problems, to shine a light and to make things better.

I’ve discovered that a book is a powerful tool for sharing this story.

This week, Afya is launching a book by my friend Danielle Butin. It’s only available on their site.

Wild Hope Now is the story of one person who saw a problem and refused to turn away. And it’s the story of how she began in her backyard, organizing one person, then ten, then entire institutions. Afya is now saving lives around the world.

Books like Wild Hope Now and the ones I’ve listed below humanize the magic of these causes. While a video can go viral, a book can make it easy to not only share the story with others, but actually make an impact.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz

Walk in Their Shoes by Jim Ziolkowski

Manifesto for a Moral Revolution by Jacqueline Novogratz

Thirst by Scott Harrison

Creating Room to Read by John Wood

The ideas in these books and books like these really resonate with me. I find myself hearing the authors’ voices as I go about my day, a reminder that better is not only urgent, but it’s possible. Possible here and possible now.

Sharing books like these is a triple gift. You learn something. The person you buy a copy for feels seen and respected and learns something as well. And the growth in support for the cause makes a difference for the long haul.

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