New Report Reveals Strategies for Maximising Performance During Black Friday Cyber Monday Season

[London, 3 November 2023] – Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is a pivotal event in the eCommerce calendar. Fospha’s comprehensive report provides valuable insights and strategies to guide brands to optimize their performance during peak season.

With changing consumer behaviours and the aftermath of iOS 14’s privacy updates, this year’s report by Fospha, a leader in marketing measurement for eCommerce, is more crucial than ever. The report analyzes spending strategies, channel performance, and the importance of accurate measurement for success.

The report sheds light on the most effective strategies for brands to adopt during this time. The analysis highlights TikTok as a game-changer for return on ad spend (ROAS), with impressive growth in ROAS during November. Additionally, Meta remains the top channel for scale, while smaller channels like Pinterest, Reddit, and Snapchat show improvements in ROAS.

One key finding from the report is the importance of a full-funnel strategy for BFCM success, with CAC and ROAS improving to the greatest degree in Brand Awareness and Consideration, while Conversion ROAS is maintained.

The report also identifies three main strategies for BFCM spending: November Ramp, In-Week Push, and Weekend Blitz. Each strategy has its own advantages and considerations, depending on brand goals and budget constraints.

“It’s crucial for eCommerce brands to have accurate measurement and insights during the BFCM season,” said Jamie Bolton, Head of Growth at Fospha. “By understanding the performance of different channels and adopting effective strategies, brands can maximise their returns and achieve their growth targets.”

The comprehensive analysis provided by Fospha’s report offers eCommerce brands a valuable resource to inform their ad strategy for BFCM 2023. The insights and recommendations can help brands make data-driven decisions and optimise their spending during this critical sales period.

For more information about the report and to access the full findings, visit Black Friday Cyber Monday eCommerce advertising report 2023

About Fospha:
Fospha is a leading marketing measurement platform that provides actionable insights for eCommerce brands. With their advanced attribution model and cross-client data, Fospha helps brands optimise their ad strategies and maximise their growth. Their cutting-edge approach combines multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modelling, offering clear insights on where to spend to achieve optimal results.

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