Paul Gibson on Why the Future of ABM is ABX

Vice President of EMEA, Paul Gibson, of Demandbase, takes the hot seat.

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Meet Paul Gibson

Paul is a sales leader with over 15 years in the digital martech space and a proven track record of entering a new region, building teams, exceeding goals, and delivering strong revenue growth. Paul was the first Demandbase employee in EMEA, with a mission to evangelize ABM, define a go-to-market strategy, and build a world-class team.

Today, he has helped establish Demandbase as the leader in the region.

Prior to Demandbase, Paul held roles at Microsoft, AgilOne, StrongMail Systems, and several other martech companies.

Episode Summary

“We can’t do technology without a strategy. You cant do strategy without technology. It’s that combination of both.”

Most marketing leaders have dabbled in ABM, or account-based marketing. There’s no disputing its value potential for aligning sales and marketing or creating revenue for businesses, but as our renowned guest reveals, as ABM gets more sophisticated, it can be challenging to scale and executive an ABM strategy without some help.

In this episode, Demandbases’ VP EMEA, Paul Gibson gets candid about why ABX is the future of ABM. He acknowledges that many marketing leaders have limited time, budget, and resources, and shares where marketers are falling short in their ABM strategies and where they need to focus their efforts to get back on track. In addition, Paul reveals how we can all shift our mindset into the ABX, or account-based experience, mentality.

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