Getting Higher SEO Rankings in Google Maps for Medical Doctors and Practices

Modern technology has greatly improved our everyday lives, including geo-location technology that helps you to quickly locate a nearby business or clinic. As technology advances, business owners, especially in the medical sphere, have had to adapt and build new strategies to compete within their field, and to get the highest ranking in search engine tools to attract new patients. 

Google Maps uses geolocation technology to help people find local services. There are a number of things you can do to improve your ranking in Google Maps, to make your clinic’s location appear at the top of the list, above your competitors. 

How does a higher Maps ranking benefit your clinic?

  1. Websites with the highest rating are shown at the top of the list in Google Maps, to attract the attention of users who are likely to choose their services.  
  2. Customers trust clinics that are listed in Google Maps, and they visit their websites more often.
  3. Your clinic can be easily found in Maps, showing users the easiest way to get to you from their home or office. 
  4. Maps lets you display clinic photos, add your hours of operation, and provide users with your phone number and email so they can contact you in a single click. 

Each of these factors increases the chances of a new patient choosing your clinic. Listing in Google Maps is a great way to increase your clinic’s patient flow and boost your revenue. 

How to gain higher ratings in Google Maps 

To be listed by Google Maps, start by adding your clinic to the map. Once your clinic appears on the map, you can add information from your website, to let users know that they can find you directly from the Google Maps app or from your webpage. 

  • Claim your clinic’s listing to open new opportunities. A claimed listing lets you provide users with additional information such as photos, operating hours, and feedback from other patients. An unclaimed listing only allows you to add the name and category of your clinic, your address, and its location on the map, 
  • Use your Google My Business account to add the required information to the listing, and prepare it to get a higher ranking. 
  • Add photos of the interior and exterior of your clinic so your clients can find it easily. If your clinic provides physical therapy or related services, you can add some photos of a therapy session, to show clients what to expect from your services. 
  • Request client reviews. The more feedback you have, the more popular and reputable you will appear to Google, and you will get a higher ranking as a high-quality medical practitioner. 
  • Post new information about your clinic. Just like on social media, you can post some short blogs using your Google My Business account. 
  • Introduce Google Maps to your website, to help users find your location from both Maps and your web pages. 
  • Use local keywords on your website to attract potential customers from your immediate area. 

Today, people rely on the internet to locate services close to where they live and work. Users are more likely to choose the services of a business or clinic if it appears on Google Maps and is nearby and easy to get to.  It is important to provide users with useful information from different sources, to help them find what they are looking for, from wherever they are. A professional digital marketing agency combines strategies like Google Maps, PPC advertising, SEO optimization, and other advertising strategies to help you attract new patients to your website and to your clinic.

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