What is medical SEO, and how does it work?

Over recent years, online advertising has dramatically surpassed conventional advertising as a more efficient and effective vehicle for promoting goods and services. The unprecedented growth of online marketing is largely due to technological development, accessibility of gadgets and mobile devices, and considerable changes in marketing and advertising strategies

The first step toward promoting your business online is to develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, an essential and cost-efficient method for running a long-term promotional campaign. SEO is industry-specific, and there are certain guiding principles for running a successful medical SEO campaign. 

SEO and its Rank-Increasing Features

Over the last several years, search engines like Google have updated their algorithms multiple times, making SEO more complicated than ever. In the not-too-distant past, it was enough to include a few keywords, add a topic-appropriate title and a blog, and SEO would go to work to draw traffic to your website. 

Today, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), search engine robots not only scan your content and keywords, but they look for other criteria to ensure that users are directed to websites offering the best services, products, and information. 

Those criteria include: 

  • Overall content quality
  • Online reviews of the website’s services and information
  • Competitiveness with other companies within the same niche
  • Blogs
  • Backlinks
  • Working and clickable phone numbers and email addresses
  • Compliance with Google guidelines for medical websites
  • Multiple other features used by professional digital agencies to increase the ranking of a business website

Search engine optimization involves numerous tools that are used to imporve a website’s ranking, identify existing problems, and pinpoint features that can be improved or implemented to provide a better user experience.

Localized SEO for your medical practice

As a local service provider, it makes sense to target your advertising campaign to potential customers in your immediate area. Localized SEO tracks your website’s metrics to define your greatest traffic sources, and to fine-tune your advertising campaign to improve the effectiveness of your promotional strategy. 

SEO Audit of your clinic’s website

A well-designed website is a complex resource that needs to be analyzed from time to time. A website audit detects problems that undermine your website’s performance in search engines. An SEO Audit is a multistage process that identifies the strong points of your website that can be improved, and the weak points that need attention and fine-tuning to make them work more effectively.

SEO Audit of your clinic’s website

An SEO audit includes:

  • Analysis of the design and layout of your pages, to improve the appearance of your website and make it more attractive to users.
  • Competitor analysis, to see which advanced features of your competitors’ websites can be implemented on your platform.
  • Analysis of page loading speed, and detecting features that slow your website down.
  • Page content analysis, to ensure your content fits the demands of your audience and search engines.

Link building and content marketing for medical websites 

Continually creating new content for your medical website gets the attention of new clients and helps your website to rise in search engine rankings. Engaging and informative content also impacts the online image and reputation of your practice and services. Link building with authoritative platforms attracts clients from other websites that provide related services and information, to expand your client base. 

Link building and content marketing for medical websites

Link-building services include: 

  • Content creation strategies to increase the quality and usefulness of your website’s content for consumers.
  • Introduction of new types of content,  such as videos, blog posts and guest posts.
  • Trend tracking to increase your brand awareness among modern users.

SEO is a powerful tool that will increase the popularity of your website among your target audience and improve your ranking among your competitors, so that customers choose YOUR services. 

SEO is a craft that requires specific skills and knowledge. While the average business owner can implement some SEO strategies on their own, it takes a skilled team of SEO specialists who are familiar with SEO tools and tactics to make your website a powerful marketing tool, so you can focus on patient care. 

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