The Future of AI with Cary Weston [Endless Customers Podcast S.1. Ep. 35]

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“In moments where you’re faced with unfamiliar technology, remember: it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Curiosity and capability go hand in hand when learning something new.” – Cary Weston

In this episode of Endless Customers, Alex Winter sits down with Cary Weston, an agency owner and They Ask, You Answer certified coach, to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern marketing and sales.

Cary’s journey with AI began with curiosity and evolved into The ChatGPT Experiment, a podcast designed for curious beginners. He wants to help those who are curious to get started with AI become capable users, integrating the basics into their daily work.

Cary understands that many people, including business owners, are intimidated by AI and its unknown potential. By understanding this, Cary has been able to help businesses feel more comfortable with new technology.

Cary offers a practical example of using AI to streamline customer inquiries. By using ChatGPT to search through email transcripts, his client identified common questions and created a “How to Order” page, significantly reducing repetitive inquiries and improving customer satisfaction.

He also discusses how to maintain authenticity in AI-generated content by using it as an assistant rather than something that does all the work for you. He states, “AI is like an amazing instrument. It’s a tool and a problem-solving partner, not a replacement for human effort.”

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Cary Weston is a partner at Sutherland Weston and the creator of The ChatGPT Experiment podcast.

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