The power of social intent data for revenue growth with Colin Day

Marketing leader Colin Day, Managing Director, EMEA, at Oktopost and recipient of LinkedIn’s Transformation Partner of the Year award at LinkedIn’s 2024 Marketing Partner Awards stops by the podcast in episode #145 to unravel how marketing leaders can effectively identify and capitalize on social intent signals to improve lead generation, customer engagement and ultimately impact revenue.

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Episode Summary

“If I can take that social engagement signal and tie it ultimately to a business activity that results in revenue to the organization, I’m then able to demonstrate to the organization the value of my social channel as part of the modern-day marketing mix.” – Colin Day, Managing Director EMEA, Oktopost

Social intent signals are valuable indicators of engagement that can be tied to revenue generation for B2B organizations. One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers right now is the data overload from social media. Not every like or comment translates into revenue, making it mission-critical to identify meaningful conversations and engagements.

In this episode of the Radically Transparent podcast, Colin Day, Managing Director of Oktopost offers an in-depth look into how marketing leaders can work with social intent data to bridge the gap between social media engagement and revenue generation. He suggests that marketers need to focus on two aspects of social intent data: real-time engagement and long-term patterns.

Colin shares his insights into how B2B organizations and their leadership can effectively identify and capitalize on social intent signals to improve lead generation, customer engagement, and inform their content strategy. He emphasizes the importance of employee advocacy and explains why employees sharing company content on their personal social networks can have a significant impact on revenue growth.

“People are more likely to talk to people. After all, it’s called social media. So you want to get social.” -Colin Day, Managing Director EMEA, Oktopost

Colin also delves into the latest trends in social media marketing and provides a few strategies of his own for B2B marketers to adapt and stay relevant in the ever-evolving social media space.

Hot topics

The shift from corporate profiles to employee advocacy
Bridging the gap between social media engagement and revenue generation
Emerging trends in social media marketing and how B2B marketing leaders can prepare for them

For anyone looking to bridge the gap between social media marketing and revenue generation, Colin Day provides a glimpse into why leveraging employee advocacy is the key to bridging that gap between social media engagement and generating revenue.

Meet Colin

With more than 30 years of experience across sectors that include MarTech and FinTech, Colin Day has an excellent track record of building and operating high-performing, go-to-market functions. He also has hands-on experience in implementing all aspects of commercial operations in technology and financial services firms across the globe.

His standing among his peers in the marketing community is exceptional, as shown by the number of awards he has received during his career. Most recently, Day founded his own advisory business, Magnetic North Associates, providing strategic guidance for C-Suite executives (CEO, CMO, CSO) as a Non-Executive Director and Board Level Advisor, conducting due diligence across a range of transactions ($25M+) focusing on marketing technology, consulting services, and financial technology.

Prior to Magnetic North Associates and before joining Oktopost, Colin Day spent 18 years with Financial Technology giant FIS, where he held various leadership roles across business development, product management, and marketing.

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