Leveraging AI Tools To Close More Deals [Endless Customers Podcast S.1 Ep.33]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the sales industry in profound ways. In this episode, Chris Duprey, IMPACT’s Head Coach and Chief Customer Officer, explains how sales professionals can leverage AI tools to level-up their performance and drive better results.

“AI is at a point where it can be really, really helpful if sales folks are proactive in their approach,” Chris says. But only if salespeople are willing to get into the sandbox and start experimenting. 

Imagine having an AI assistant in your virtual meetings that provides real-time feedback. Chris mentions tools that can tell you, “you’re using too many filler words, you’re speaking too fast, or you’re using your hands way too much.” This immediate feedback helps salespeople refine their presentation skills and enhance their communication effectiveness.

Tools like Gong and Otter.ai can also help personalize follow-up communications based on previous interactions. By analyzing call transcripts, AI identifies major concerns and areas of interest, enabling salespeople to tailor their responses more effectively

Chris understands the concerns many have about AI, but he says this often comes from people who’ve never really seen what it can do. 

At a recent presentation, Chris saw initial skepticism about AI turn into excitement as attendees began to understand its potential. “Most people come in uneducated or undereducated on what’s out there for AI,” he notes. However, once people see the practical applications and benefits, their mindset changes. “It’s about becoming aware and then choosing to leverage that awareness.”

AI can be a powerful ally for sales professionals. It’s not about replacing human interaction but enhancing it with data-driven insights and efficiencies. As Chris puts it, “The more efficiencies you can create, the more successful you will be.”

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Chris Duprey is a sought-after speaker and business coach with over two decades of leadership experience. 

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