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Gamifying and incentivizing your employee advocacy program is a powerful way to encourage employees to share meaningful company content and have fun while doing it. By making advocacy initiatives exciting and competitive, B2B organizations can create a culture of engagement, ultimately leading to a more effective and engaging advocacy program.

That’s why at Oktopost we’ve designed Leaderboards and a user-friendly Gamification Engine to help program leaders unlock the potential of employee advocacy.

What is advocacy gamification?

Gamification for employee advocacy is when you create contests, and incentivize your employees to participate in your advocacy program.

It helps you meet and exceed your social media goals and in parallel, drive employee engagement. In fact, in a study conducted by TalentLMS on gamification, 89% of respondents shared that when a task at work is gamified, they feel competitive and eager to complete it. Moreover, according to WebMD, when a person wins a competition, dopamine– the chemical released from their brain, makes them feel good.

Statistic on gamification

By incentivizing your advocates and gamifying the advocacy experience, you will encourage advocates to play and share quality company content on their social networks. At the same time, the benefits of building such a program also boost team morale, and increase employee happiness, contributing to a positive workplace. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Oktopost’s Leaderboards make it easy to empower your organization to share content, have fun, and get recognized while doing it. Now, let’s dive into the benefits of leaderboards and advocacy gamification.

Understanding the importance of Leaderboards

While the concept of Leaderboards is pretty straightforward, the Oktopost Leaderboards give you the ability to see how you rank against your fellow competitors. The Leaderboards are designed to encourage friendly competition and provide advocacy leaders the ability to create contests and competitions around various aspects of sharing content, too.

Inside the Oktopost Leaderboards, you can assign points for actions taken or received on content shared in the advocacy program.

There are three different categories available to set up your points system:

Board Actions: Board Actions are actions taken by advocates directly on the advocacy board such as when advocates share posts to social networks, edit a post, or suggest content to program admins.
Network Events: When advocates receive engagement such as Link Clicks, Comments, Reactions, or Reshares on posts shared to their networks, these are known as “Network Event” points.
Custom Content: Points can also be allocated to Champion advocates or advocates with permission to create their own content.

By giving advocates the ability to earn points on the above criteria, you enable them to put more thought into the content they share and reward based on quality over quantity of content shared.

Advocate Snapshot

The Leaderboards inside of the Board also provide advocates with a snapshot of how their posts are performing across their networks compared to other advocates in the program.

The Oktopost Leaderboard can be sorted and viewed by advocates in three ways:

Points: Set by program leaders, advocates will automatically see where they rank by the number of points they have earned on the actions they have taken on the board or the engagement their content receives.
Shares: This view sorts the leaderboard based on how many posts have been shared by the advocate.
Clicks: Advocates can sort the board and see how they stack up next to their competitors based on how many link clicks their posts have received.

This helps give advocates play to win and in return, grow your brand’s presence.

Segmenting your Leaderboards

Most advocates love a good competition and enjoy seeing their name at the top of the leaderboard. That’s why we’ve created the ability to segment advocates across different Leaderboards based on any criteria you see fit for your program.

By grouping advocates based on common denominators such as number of followers, skills, region, language, department, or even advocacy mastery, program leaders can create a level playing field for each advocate to participate, motivating them to participate and hopefully seeing themselves at the top of their Leaderboard.

Ultimately, by segmenting advocates into leaderboards that best fit their advocacy level, Advocacy leaders can promote, incentivize, and reward participants fairly and elevate the experience of both the marketers running advocacy and the advocates participating in the program.

Incentivize meaningful participation with the Gamification Engine

When it comes to leading an effective advocacy program, meaningful participation is key.

There’s nothing more frustrating for advocates and admins alike than logging into a Leaderboard only to see those who have made it to the top of the leaderboard have simply clicked and shared every piece of content regardless of making any meaningful contributions to the content, or your advocacy program.

Oktopost’s Advocacy Gamification Engine makes it easy to incentivize meaningful participation by assigning points to various actions an advocate can take, all based on your program’s needs.

Using the Gamification Engine, you can customize your program based on your needs. This allows program leaders to find a strong balance between incentivizing advocate actions and incentivizing the engagement those actions receive.

This helps not only measure the number of posts being shared but more importantly, the quality of the content advocates’ posts related to the size of their networks.

Keeping advocates engaged is key, here are a few more ways to gamify your program with Oktopost’s Gamification Engine.

How it works

With the Oktopost Gamification Engine, your Board Admins can set points for actions taken by advocates and engagements on their advocates’ shares across their social networks. Your Advocates can see these points directly reflected on their Leaderboard, and understand exactly where they stand in the competition.

Advocates can also head over to the “How to Play” tab to gain a clear understanding of the rules. Inside of this tab, the current rules of the game are explained, as well as how they can earn points for their actions. This way, they are always aware of the rules and have the motivation they need to continue to share content and win.

Final Words

There you have it. Use Oktopost’s Leaderboards and Advocacy Gamification Engine to fuel your advocates’ competitive spirits and watch the engagement in your employee advocacy program soar!

It’s time to set up yours.

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