Content Authenticity In The Age Of AI [Endless Customers Podcast S.1 Ep.24]

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The tech world is changing under our feet, and the pace of innovation only seems to be increasing. Every well-known tool has added AI capabilities, and thousands of startups are out to capitalize on this era of disruption.

What’s more, everything is becoming more and more capable. That tool that offered ho-hum results six months ago is now an industry leader, and things that seemed the stuff of science fiction a few years ago are now right around the corner. 

In this episode, Briana Walgenbach stops by to discuss AI trends, tools, and tips so you and your team can stay on top of an ever-changing landscape. 

Key topics Briana and Alex discuss:

Emerging AI technologies like Sora and 11 Labs, as well as increased memory for familiar tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.
Content authenticity in the age of AI: How to utilize AI without losing the humanity of your brand — or hurting your rank in Google SERPs. On the flipside, we’ve entered a time when every piece of content online must be questioned. If we can be the authentic brand in a sea of sameness, we can stand out and build trust with our audience. 
AI and your future: How to prepare for and adapt to a future we can’t fully predict, whether you’re a worker, a manager, or a business leader. 

For anyone impacted by AI — and, let’s be honest,  that’s pretty much all of us these days — conversations with experts like Briana help us keep up with changes happening at breakneck speed.  

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Briana Walgenbach is a speaker, AI expert and content trainer at IMPACT. A former teacher, Briana provides tailored learning experiences for clients from dozens of industries. 

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