Top 10 LinkedIn marketing agencies for 2024

Posting on LinkedIn without a strategy is like playing chess blindfolded – you might make one right move, but it’s unlikely you’ll win the long-term game. To make the most of LinkedIn, it’s smart to learn from the leading LinkedIn marketing agencies.

LinkedIn audiences have twice the buying power of the average web audience, so getting your LinkedIn plan right before you start blasting content is crucial. However, not every marketing team has the time and resources to execute an end-to-end, fully optimized LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn marketing agencies can take some of this responsibility for you – from helping with targeted content creation and managing paid ad campaigns to monitoring key performance metrics.

What does a LinkedIn marketing agency do?

LinkedIn marketing agencies help B2B marketing teams develop and execute a targeted LinkedIn plan that drives brand awareness, online engagement, and lead generation. They usually offer a range of specialized services tailored to LinkedIn, including:

Consulting- strategic guidance on the high-level LinkedIn strategy, including defining needs, goals, and recommended action plans
Content creation-copywriting, editing, or graphic design and multimedia services specifically to generate LinkedIn posts
Community management- resources to foster online engagement, such as responding to comments and customer feedback, starting conversations, taking part in forum discussions, or building online communities centered around your product
Profile optimization- optimizing the profiles of senior leaders and relevant stakeholders to ensure they best represent your company and spread awareness of your product
Paid advertising- planning, setting up, and monitoring LinkedIn paid campaigns based on a specific goal (such as advertising a new product feature or entering a new market)

Benefits of LinkedIn marketing agencies

LinkedIn marketing agencies can help you supercharge your LinkedIn strategy without reallocating resources or making your team work around the clock.

Not only do LinkedIn marketing agencies save you precious time, but they also offer unmatched expertise on this specific social platform. These agencies have a wealth of knowledge and experience managing LinkedIn for growth, so they can provide you with expert, unbiased guidance.

Their teams of copywriters and designers know what content works and doesn’t work for this platform. They can produce compelling content that suits B2B audiences and is more likely to get the engagement you want, both for organic engagement and paid advertising. They also closely monitor LinkedIn trends and updates, ensuring your strategy is always fresh.

LinkedIn provides a detailed performance overview for paid advertising, including engagement, leads, and conversions. LinkedIn marketing agencies will help you understand and utilize this data to measure marketing success and maximize your campaigns.

Key features to look for in a LinkedIn marketing agency

1. Expertise in LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn’s advertising tool offers various features, some more intuitive than others. For instance, you can retarget website visitors, upload customer lists, or leverage lookalike audiences to expand reach. Ensure that your agency has extensive experience leveraging all that LinkedIn Advertising offers.

2. Targeted content creation and optimization

LinkedIn posts with images generate a 2x higher comment rate, and custom image collages are particularly successful. This is just one of the best practices LinkedIn has shared, but there are many trends and data to keep up with. LinkedIn marketing agencies should have the expertise to create content and visuals optimized specifically for LinkedIn audiences.

3. Strategic planning

Before you put money into your LinkedIn plans, you should define a clear strategy comprising objectives, KPIs, project length, and resources needed (both within your team and from the third-party agency). Your agency should also understand how your LinkedIn plan fits into your broader social media and marketing strategy.

4. LinkedIn profile optimization

An optimized profile is the first step in successful social selling for LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing agencies should be able to review and edit the profiles of all relevant leaders and stakeholders. The process often involves:

Crafting a compelling headline and summary
Embedding multimedia content such as presentations or demo videos about your company
Adding relevant keywords to each profile

5. Performance and audience analytics

LinkedIn marketing agencies can gather and analyze relevant LinkedIn performance data such as conversion rates, post impressions, engagement rates, Social Selling Index (SSI), or Click Through Rate (CTR). They can also look into your current audience to understand demographics, industry, job function, or seniority. Clients often get monthly or quarterly reports and action plans to improve on past results.

6. Community Building

Managing interactions with customers and prospects online takes time, but it is crucial to building an engaged online community and increasing long-term trust. LinkedIn marketing agencies should facilitate community management efforts, including leveraging LinkedIn Groups to connect with relevant professionals and participating in discussions and forums.

Top 10 LinkedIn marketing agencies for 2024


SociallyIN offers various content marketing services to boost your LinkedIn engagement and conversions. The SociallyIN team also offers advertising campaign management, social analytics, and personalized engagement tactics to expand your reach and generate higher-quality leads.

Best for:

Marketing teams looking to improve their thought leadership efforts through tailored content.


Mvpgrow is a B2B marketing agency specializing in digital marketing for growth. Its LinkedIn services include content strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and end-to-end campaign management to boost lead generation for LinkedIn, improve ROI faster, and reduce acquisition costs.

Best for:

B2B startups looking to expedite growth through LinkedIn.

Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing offers end-to-end social media support to drive prospects down the sales funnel. Among its services for LinkedIn, it provides target audience tracking, content creation for LinkedIn posts, paid campaign management, personalized outreach, and page monitoring. While they have set packages, you still need to contact the agency for a quote.

Best for:

Marketing teams looking to outsource paid advertising on LinkedIn.

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising specializes in improving lead generation and maximizing ROI through paid ads and search campaigns. It offers pay-per-click (PPC) management across LinkedIn and other social media platforms, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and analytics tracking.

Best for:

Marketing teams looking to accelerate growth through advertising. It’s important to ensure the agency can meet your budget and understand that their offering is limited to paid campaigns only.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation stands out for its specialized influencer marketing services on LinkedIn. It helps you identify influential leaders and industry experts and develop partnerships with them to drive engagement and brand visibility. Aside from their influencer “matchmaking” service, the Viral Nation Studio offers content creation, design, and multimedia services to enhance brand positioning online.

Best for:

Marketing teams looking to tap into influencer marketing on LinkedIn.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency offers various marketing services, from SEO and PPC ads to reputation management and e-commerce marketing. Its LinkedIn services include profile optimization, content creation, and targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Best for:

SMEs looking for broader marketing support than just social media management.


B2Linked is a Certified LinkedIn Ads partner focusing solely on LinkedIn advertising services. It offers three different Account Management packages, which include InMail campaign management, ad copy, ad refreshes, performance analytics, and audience segmentation (available as part of its enterprise package only).

Best for:

Marketing teams looking to outsource LinkedIn Ads.


Cleverly leverages advanced automation and reporting tools to analyze data from thousands of past LinkedIn campaigns. Based on this data, the Cleverly team identifies successful strategies that can be deployed in future campaigns and outreach initiatives, allowing for higher chances of success and efficiency. Aside from personalized outreach, the agency offers prospect list-building and A/B-tested copywriting services.

Best for:

Marketing teams are looking to expedite their outreach efforts on LinkedIn and improve lead generation.


SocialB’s B2B offerings include SEO, PPC ads, and social media management. It provides clients with a dedicated social media manager who can take control of the entire LinkedIn strategy, including profile optimization, content creation for thought leadership, social influencing, and campaign management.

Best for:

Marketing teams that are getting started with LinkedIn and need close support.

Ignite Visibility

As you can guess from its name, Ignite Visibility is about improving social media visibility for B2B businesses. It covers all social media channels, with a stronger emphasis on LinkedIn and other B2B platforms. Its services include the creation of infographics and design, interactive content, influencer marketing, and short and long-form videos.

Best for:

Marketing teams looking for creative content creation for LinkedIn, such as multimedia and design.

Mastering the art of LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is an endless source of opportunities for connecting with prospects and driving them down the sales funnel. However, you still need the time, expertise, and resources to leverage this platform fully.

Understanding your LinkedIn audience is just the starting point – you also need a consistent flow of high-quality content, a 24/7 eye on performance analytics, and the experience to set up successful campaigns (and pivot when required).

Social media management tools like Oktopost make it easier for LinkedIn agencies to enhance their approach and understand the business value of their efforts. Equally, for B2B marketing teams that are looking to improve their social media presence without having to invest in a myriad of tools, hire personnel, or overload their team, Oktopost may be a suitable tool.

Aside from streamlining social media management for B2B, Oktopost offers social listening, employee advocacy, and social analytics features that you can quickly deploy to boost brand visibility and online engagement. Visit our website to explore these features in more detail.

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