Win More Business With ‘The Selling 7’ [Endless Customers Podcast S.1 Ep. 20]

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All too often, businesses think they know just what they need when it comes to video: A nice “About Us” video to live on their homepage that will resonate with customers and bring in leads.

Not so fast, says Marcus Sheridan, author and marketing expert.

While an “About Us” video can be tempting, there are other ways you can better spend your video dollars.

If you really want to move the needle, use what Marcus calls The Selling 7. Seven videos that are the most likely to get results and bring in revenue.

These videos increase conversions, shorten the sales cycle, and get those hesitant prospects over the finish line. 

In brief, these seven types of videos are:

80% videos that answer frequently asked questions about a product or service
Employee bio videos that introduce your team and establish trust faster with a prospect
Product/service videos that describe your product or service and establish who is/is not a good fit for them
Landing page videos that increase conversion rates by setting expectations and communicating the value
Cost videos that clarify how pricing works
Customer journey videos that show how products and services have been successful for others in the real world, thereby establishing social proof
“Claims we make” videos that prove what you say about who you are and what you sell are true by showing it. 

If you put your efforts into these types of videos, you’ll see dramatically better results than if you just wing it or follow the crowd.

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Marcus Sheridan is a writer, speaker, and business expert who’s worked with companies all over the world. Marcus is the author of They Ask, You Answer and co-author of The Visual Sale.

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