AI in Marketing: Friend or Foe? With Yael Klass

Yael Klass, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Similarweb dives deep into the challenges and opportunities marketers face using AI for content creation and demystifies AI’s impact while revealing the secrets behind her “Content Alchemist” initiative that has led to high-quality, scalable content.

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Episode Summary

In this thought-provoking episode, Yael addresses head-on the widespread apprehension felt by B2B marketers surrounding AI. She proposes it as a powerful ally when used effectively and champions a future where using AI in marketing will provide promising opportunities for more innovation, growth, and creativity.

By embracing AI’s capabilities, Yael encourages marketers to re-evaluate their stance on AI as she offers a refreshingly optimistic perspective on the use of AI in content creation.

A standout moment on the show is when Yael reveals her secret initiative, the “Content Alchemist”, serving as a compelling case study for AI’s potential in marketing. Yael doesn’t hold back as she showcases how AI can be leveraged to generate scalable, impactful content. The “Content Alchemist” not only epitomizes the creative synergy between human insight and AI capabilities but also illustrates the practical benefits of integrating AI into content creation workflows.

Hot Topics

Blending creativity with analytics and technology to create marketing strategies that resonate with customers and drive meaningful impact
The role of social media in marketing and the debate between valuing engagement versus traffic when measuring social media
AI’s impact on marketing and her innovative project, the “Content Alchemist”, proves how AI can support scalable, authentic, high-quality content creation

Catch this episode to stay at the forefront of discussions defining the future of modern-day marketing innovation and how to make AI in marketing a friend, rather than a foe.

Meet Yael

As Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Yael leads Similarweb‘s communication and creative division. A passionate and data-driven storyteller, she has launched international campaigns with viral impact and strategized company-wide rebranding initiatives for start-ups.

Yael is a regular contributor to Forbes and Search Engine Journal and teaches ​​Marketing Practicum courses at Reichman University. Yael builds all-star teams that directly impact business objectives and inspire loyal readership and exponential growth.

Prior to her 10+ years in SaaS, she traveled the world as an art educator and producer, devising community development efforts for at-risk populations. Yael received a BFA from New York University Tisch School of the Arts and a post-secondary degree from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

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