Forbes Sets New Standard for Metaverse Experiences

Forbes has made its entry into the metaverse by launching a virtual space within The Sandbox Game, a platform allowing users to experience virtual worlds and games.

This space is not accessed via a headset but through a computer, resembling games like Minecraft or Second Life. Forbes’ virtual world features a luxurious clubhouse, complete with an outdoor dancefloor and a yacht modelled after Malcolm Forbes’ Highlander party boat.

Users can explore this space, participate in quests, and engage with educational content about Forbes. The metaverse experience aims to be both entertaining and informative, offering quests and educational material, with plans to add more content such as new quests, events, and NFT drops

Forbes’ Vision for the Metaverse

Forbes’ venture into the metaverse is not merely a symbolic gesture. It is a calculated move aimed at transcending traditional boundaries of engagement by offering a variety of interactive experiences, workshops, and events.

By teaming up with Polygonal Mind, Forbes aims to introduce its readers, subscribers, and members to the possibilities of the metaverse, offering an engaging experience that combines education with entertainment​.

The Forbes experience in The Sandbox is designed to be a rich, interactive multiplayer event that allows participants to immerse themselves in the world of Forbes, learning about its history, Malcolm Forbes’ interests, and the Forbes 30 Under 30 Gallery.

Additionally, the event features premium Forbes wearables for purchase, enabling participants to showcase their style within The Sandbox experiences. Through fun challenges, quizzes, and social interactions, attendees can explore various aspects of Forbes’ legacy while forming new connections within this virtual space

This initiative also includes a special event where players can participate in challenges within the Forbes experience to qualify for a share of a 50,000 SAND prize pool. The event, which is a testament to Forbes’ innovative approach to engaging with its community, highlights the magazine’s effort to blend traditional media presence with the emerging opportunities of the digital world, particularly within the metaverse and Web 3.0 domains​.

Additional ventures

Forbes entered the metaverse with the launch of its Virtual Billionaires NFT Collection, in collaboration with FTX, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange. This initiative, announced on April 11, 2022, features a set of 100 fictional investors, each with a theoretical portfolio and virtual net worth based on real-time New York Stock Exchange pricing.

These NFT Billionaires not only have unique hobbies and an eccentric Forbes accessory but are also part of a dynamic system where they are ranked daily on the Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires List. The collection aims to blend traditional Forbes lists with the burgeoning world of NFTs and digital assets, offering a new way for audiences to engage with the Forbes brand in the digital realm.

Each NFT owner gets a profile page on, complete with a custom illustrated headshot by the Barcelona-based illustrators Goodog and ItsACat. The public wallet address of the NFT owner is listed alongside their billionaire on the official Forbes ranking, adding a layer of interaction and personalization to the experience.

The sale began with early access for Forbes subscribers on April 11, followed by a public launch on April 13. This move marks Forbes’ significant step into Web3 and digital assets, following their previous foray into NFTs with the sale of a magazine cover as an NFT in 2021. The Virtual Billionaires NFT Collection represents Forbes’ effort to innovate within the digital space, encouraging engagement and exploration of digital assets among its audience​

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