10 Things to Look for in a Content Creation Studio

Content is king, but B2B buyers are all drowning in more content than they can ever consume. Sharing cookie-cutter content in bulk is like throwing shots in the dark and hoping one will eventually land. If you want to get your audience’s attention effectively, it’s quality over quantity. 

94% of marketers report that curated, personalized content increases sales. Knowing this, it becomes hard to justify an unplanned, ad-hoc approach to content creation. Of course, creating fresh, original content takes time, tools, specialized expertise, and a few creative geniuses. 

And you don’t necessarily need all this within your team. Working with a content creation studio is one way to deal with the challenges of creative aspects and level up your content’s quality.

What is a content creation studio?

A content creation studio is a dedicated third-party agency that develops and produces digital content for its clients. Content creation is vital in effective marketing strategies. A good studio will employ a team of creative and technical professionals with the skills to create original, high-quality content to your specifications.

What services do content creation studios provide?

There’s much more to content than a social media post or a blog entry on your website. Content creation studios provide a range of services, including: 

Video and audio production– filming or editing video and audio materials such as webinars, podcasts, tutorials, and promotional or branding videos
Social media- copywriting for social media, design of visuals, or development of paid media plans
Graphic design- infographics and data visualization, animation, photography, company decks, or print design for events (think brochures, product pages, or even business cards)
Copywriting and editing- writing and editing copy for blogs, landing pages, event materials, email marketing, or case studies
Branding- producing brand guidelines, logo design, and branded templates
Web design and development- supporting the backend and frontend website design
Strategy and consulting– providing guidance and insight on the overall content marketing strategy, including competitor and market analysis

Note, however, that you may need your tools and resources to get your content to the right audiences. B2B Social Media Management tools like Oktopost can pick up where your content studio leaves off, streamlining social media management processes and providing analytics you can use to evaluate and adjust your campaign after it launches.

What are the benefits of using a content creation studio?

Most studios will offer help for the entire content creation cycle: coming up with ideas, developing them into fleshed-out concepts, outlining, writing, generating the actual content, editing it, and keeping it updated as needed. 

By working with a studio, you gain access to the experience, skills, and talent of experts who specialize in specific areas of content creation. Experienced creatives will be able to provide fresh, innovative perspectives and ensure that your branding is consistent and on-point. Plus, a sound studio will have advanced technology and facilities that most in-house marketing teams couldn’t access. 

Working with a studio is much more cost-effective than assembling a comparable in-house team. It makes it feasible and affordable for your business to consistently generate timely, high-quality content. It also frees up your resources so your team can focus on other pressing tasks. Plus, content production can easily be scaled up or down as needed, giving you more flexibility to meet changing marketing needs. 

10 things to look for in a content creation studio

1. A high-quality portfolio of previous work

One of the first things you’ll want to do with a prospective studio is review their portfolio, look at past work they’ve done for other clients, and decide if you like what you see. This initial vibe check will allow you to determine if the tone and aesthetic of their work are a good fit for your brand. The studio’s creative output will shape how customers and industry peers perceive you, so don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and hold out for an excellent first impression. 

2. Experience in your industry

Landing the number one content creation studio for the health and beauty industry might not be a win if your B2B company sells cybersecurity solutions. Your optimal studio should have a deep portfolio of previous work and one that shows knowledge and experience related to your particular industry.

Some studios specialize in a specific sector, such as finance or cybersecurity marketing. If your industry is niche or requires highly technical knowledge, it may be worth researching sector-specific content studios. 

3. Advanced technology and equipment

One great thing about content creation studios is that it makes sense for them to invest in tools, equipment, software, and recording facilities that would consume your entire marketing budget. By working with a studio that has invested in the latest and greatest technology, you can expect polished, professional-looking content that fully engages your audience.

4. Pricing that fits your budget

While 45% of marketers expect their budgets to increase in 2024, the price tag is always a factor to consider. Before you fall in love with a content creation studio, make sure you can afford it. Request proposals, review price quotes, and make sure you’ll be able to pay for the content you need on a schedule that fits your plans so you can maximize your marketing budget. Don’t get stuck pining for the biggest studio on the block if the pricing doesn’t work—there are plenty of smaller studios full of talented creatives with great ideas.


5. Fast turnaround time

Verify that the studio can generate content on your desired schedule, meet your deadlines, and scale up production as needed. The size of the studio and the number of clients it has are factors to consider. It’s not always easy to tell what turnaround time will be like before you start working with a studio, so don’t be afraid to ask direct questions about their process and conduct as much research as you can beforehand.

6. Good references

Your brand is one of your most significant assets, so you must protect your brand integrity at all costs. One way to determine if a content studio is trustworthy and can deliver on its promises is to see what other clients say about it. The case studies and testimonials they provide are something to start with. Still, it’s also wise to search out objective reviews and use resources like LinkedIn to connect with industry peers who might have informed opinions to share.

7. Creativity and innovation

There’s a lot of content out there vying for your audience’s attention, and you’ll have to find unique ways to stand apart from the competition if you want to draw them in and keep them engaged. 

Studios that bring out fresh and original ideas can be your secret weapon when creating killer content. It can be tempting to play it safe and roll with the dominant trends, but sometimes, creative risk-taking pays off. For example, B2B trends in social media are constantly changing. So while capitalizing on the trends below is encouraged, in addition to that, you must also add your brand’s unique identity to any content you put out.

8. Clear and prompt communication

Good communication is essential when working with a studio that will significantly influence the voice and image of your company. The proper studio should be easy to reach and fast to respond, and they should also demonstrate a solid understanding of your company’s goals and values. This will make it much easier to collaborate with them on complex projects and feel confident in the work that they’re doing.

9. Agreeable contracts

Nobody likes reading contracts (or paying lawyers to read them), but it’s an integral part of making your final selection. Aside from obvious payments and deadlines, ensure your contract with the studio covers ownership and usage of creative assets and intellectual property.

10. Complementary resources

Finally, determine the scope of the studio’s services and consider any other resources you might need, either internally or through other vendors, to obtain the greatest returns on your investment in content creation. 

Software solutions that leverage marketing automation should be high on your list, allowing technology to do the repetitive tasks so you can focus on the big picture. For example, consider using demand generation tools for social listening, analytics, and employee advocacy. Understanding how customers engage with your brand will help you prioritize content and build a stronger online presence. 

Making the most of your studio-grade content

You can’t make marketing work without high-quality content, and employing a content creation studio may be the best way forward. But you must also consider your resources and ensure your marketing team is well-equipped to implement their ideas effectively. 

Social media engagement solutions like Oktopost can actualize the full potential of your best content. Oktopost gathers analytics from all your social media platforms to help you strategically deploy and share social media content that engages your target buyers. Plus, it offers tools like social listening and employee advocacy to amplify your content efforts effortlessly. 

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