Real-world Marketing: How One Videographer Shot 65 Videos in 2 Days

Kevin O’Leary, known for his role on Shark Tank and the number of businesses he owns, shared a fascinating insight in an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. 

O’Leary joked that he used to think that the three most important degrees you could get in college were engineering, engineering, and engineering. Now, though, he says, he’s hiring writers, editors, and videographers — and he thinks degrees in these subjects are incredibly valuable today. 

These, he says, are the professionals that are the storytellers of your organization. And, as we all know, customers are often buying your story as much as they’re buying your product. 

You can watch the clip here:

Even with this mindset gaining traction, many SMBs are hesitant to hire videographers, fearing a low ROI on their salary investment. But without content producers, they struggle to tell their own stories.

In this post, we’ll tell you about one small business that took the plunge, hired a videographer, and, in doing so, completely changed its business. The company is called MoveMobility, and the videographer is Jaeden Leclerc. Let’s meet both of them.

Getting to know MoveMobility

MoveMobility is a Canadian manufacturer of medical vans. They make everything from wheelchair vans to mobile vaccination clinics. Their mission, simply stated, is “To design, develop, and deliver innovative vehicles that remove barriers to healthcare and transportation.”

MoveMobility has a team of about 50 people, including technicians, salespeople, marketers, and company leaders, spread across two locations.

For the past several years, MoveMobility has embraced They Ask, You Answer, a sales and marketing framework based on transparency and customer education. 

Their customers range from individuals with special needs to clinics and hospitals looking for mobile care centers. 

MoveMobility’s first videographer: Jaeden Leclerc

Jaeden Leclerc joined MoveMobility in August of 2023. With a background in social media and video marketing, Jaeden was drawn to MoveMobility due to a personal connection: Having people in his life with mobility issues. He saw the job as an opportunity to make a real difference, using his skills behind the camera to help people.

“I became so instantly attracted to the company,” he says, looking back. “Knowing that I could be a part of something that’s improving people’s lives was so amazing to me.”

Jaeden joined up as the first videographer in MoveMobility’s history — and he hit the ground running.

Starting from scratch

As the first in his position, Jaeden had the responsibility (and opportunity) to build everything from scratch. “I basically came in and it was like building something from the ground up,” he remembers. 

This included setting up processes, acquiring gear, and creating video brand guidelines. Most videographers get hired and have to sort through old gear and outdated policies, so for Jaeden this fresh start was exciting. 

He loved shaping the voice of video within the company so he could craft stories that resonated with both the team and their audience.

And, as a team of one, he had complete control over every video that went out the door, from brainstorming and scripting to shooting and editing.

…but with the support of the team

Although Jaeden had a lot on his plate, he didn’t have to do it all alone. The entire MoveMobility team was supportive of the video initiative. That meant leadership was willing to invest in equipment, subject matter experts were eager to be on camera, and salespeople were ready to share his videos with their buyers.

Having everyone on board meant that Jaeden had the freedom to do the work he loved. “Because everybody understands the value [of video],” he says, “I have a little bit more creative freedom where I can go do my thing and then come back and be like, hey, this is what I created and this is what I think we can do with it.”

His work has included more traditional video content like product walk-throughs and employee bio videos, and also narrative and creative projects that show the effects MoveMobility’s products can have on people and communities. 

For example, MoveMobility, along with its U.S.-based partner AVAN Mobility, wanted to show the impact of mobile medical technology in Joplin, Missouri — a town that’s been hard hit by natural disasters in the past.

Jaeden traveled to Missouri to interview people and shoot footage.

The result is Jaeden’s finest accomplishment: a 12-minute masterclass in storytelling and humanity.

This is beyond marketing. This is about a company living its mission to help people live better lives. As Jaeden reminds us: “The story that you tell about your business is the way that people are going to perceive you.” 

Jaeden’s advice: ‘Just start shooting’

Three weeks after Jaeden was hired, he completed a monumental feat: He shot footage for 65 videos in two days. 

This was a coordinated effort with a lot of moving pieces, but it’s a reminder of what’s possible with a bought-in team and a talented videographer. 

This won him a ton of praise from Devon McCarty, his coach at IMPACT, who shouted out Jaeden’s achievement on LinkedIn:

For Jaeden, this was a demanding achievement that he’s proud of. “It was probably the most stressful and hectic two days that I had possibly in my professional career. Looking back on it, I’m kind of surprised that I was able to pull it off,” he laughs.

But such things are possible with a company culture that values video. 

For businesses contemplating the leap into video marketing, Jaeden’s advice is simple: “Just start shooting.” In today’s digital age, where video consumption is at an all-time high, having an in-house videographer is no longer just an advantage – it’s a necessity. 

When you hire a videographer, you suddenly can produce dozens, even hundreds of videos over the course of a year. 

If you’re not sure about hiring your own videographer, ask yourself the honest question: How different would your sales and marketing be if you had a hefty library of video content at your disposal? Like Kevin O’Leary says, what would it be like to have a full-time brand storyteller? 

Does it feel impossible? Are you unsure where to start? Book a free coaching session with an IMPACT pro who can help you see in-house videography as a very achievable goal. 

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