Best Of: Our Top 10 Blog Posts to Help With Your 2024 Content Strategy

What were the top B2B marketing articles that were published on the TopRank Marketing blog over the past year?

We’re proud of the continued B2B marketing successes our team of marketers at TopRank Marketing have achieved during another unique year, for a wide-range of major B2B clients. As we enter 2024, we wanted to take time to share our top 10 articles of the past year — each filled with insights, best practices, research, examples, and a humanizing look at the future.

We’re also fortunate to have a wealth of talented B2B marketing professionals contributing to the TopRank B2B Marketing blog — which celebrates its 21st year in 2024.

This selection of our top 10 B2B marketing posts of the year can serve as a valuable resource, filled with practical examples and relevant topics for digital B2B marketing professionals from CMOs to creators, copywriters, and executives.

We hope that you’ll find these articles useful well into 2024 and far beyond.

Now, sit back and join us as we move on to the top 10.

Our 10 Most Popular B2B Marketing Posts of 2023:

1. Everything You Need to Know About Google’s October 2023 Core Algorithm Update — Katelyn Drake

What do B2B marketers need to know about Google’s latest core search algorithm update? In our most-read article of the year our own director of agency marketing Katelyn Drake shares the key take-aways from Google’s major October 2023 search update.  From its rollout duration and user experience impact to its role in surfacing more best-answer content, we share the latest.

“Staying informed about Google’s core updates and adapting your SEO strategies accordingly is essential for maintaining or improving your website’s search rankings.” — Katelyn Drake @KB_Drake
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2 — Top 10 Trends for Content Marketing in 2024: For B2B Brands and Beyond — Katelyn Drake

What are the top trends in content marketing for B2B and beyond? From data-driven strategy and increasing authenticity to video, AI and much more, Katelyn shares 10 top content marketing trends for 2024 in our second most-read article of the year.

“Incorporating the latest trends into your marketing strategy is not just about staying relevant; it’s about enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and connecting with your audience.” — Katelyn Drake @KB_Drake
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3 — BIGLIST: 100+ Generative AI Tools For B2B Marketers — Lane R. Ellis

Where can B2B marketers find the latest and most relevant generative AI tools in 2024? From image and video generation to writing, development and marketing aids, our own social media and content marketing manager Lane R. Ellis shares 100+ AI tools for B2B marketers in our third most-real article of the year.

“There’s a nuanced spot where B2B marketers will find just the right amount of AI technology — too much and the potential for backlash grows — too little and the risk of being considered a foe of innovation rises.” — @lanerellis
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4 — Infographic: 30+ Top Generative AI Tools For B2B Marketers — Lane R. Ellis

What are the top generative AI tools that B2B marketers will be using in 2024 and beyond? Generative AI has continued its run as today’s primary topic not only for marketers in both B2C and B2B but for professionals in nearly all sectors, and in our fourth most-read article of the year I offer up a handy infographic highlighting some of the top AI tools for B2B success.

“Finding the particular generative AI tools that have relevance for B2B brands and marketers can be a challenging task, which is why we’ve put together an introductory look at 30+ top AI tools.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis
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5 — Top 50 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow — Lane R. Ellis

A classic TopRank Marketing tradition that has been imitated in recent years but never duplicated is our annual list of B2B content marketing experts to follow — a helpful compilation extracted from top industry leaders, and in our fifth most popular article of the year I share details about 50 industry stalwarts to learn from.

“A classic TopRank Marketing tradition that has been imitated but never duplicated is our annual list of content marketing experts to follow — a helpful compilation extracted from top industry leaders.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis
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6 — Growth Strategy: How Content Marketing Propels B2B Brand Growth Today — Nick Nelson

Bold creativity, a purposeful message, and accurate measurement: These are the key ingredients in a B2B content strategy that drives growth, and our own associate content director Nick Nelson shares the year’s top B2B content tactics in this, our sixth most-real article of 2023.

“Creativity is the preliminary requirement to engage buyers, but to keep their attention and drive action, you need a message with substance. #B2Bcontent.” — Nick Nelson @NickNelsonMN
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7 — The 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report: Key Insights & Takeaways — Donna Robinson

In the seventh most-real article of the year our CEO and president Donna Robinson announced our highly-anticipated 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report, with details from 39 pages rich with the most comprehensive B2B influencer marketing insights, including:

A B2B Influencer Marketing FAQ
The Newest Eye-Opening Statistical Revelations
The Top Habits of Highly-Successful Influencer Marketers
The Key Benefits of Elevated B2B Influencer Marketing
What a B2B Influencer Looks Like
Crafting the Right Influencer Mix
Case Studies from Adobe & NetLine Showing Key Strategy, Execution & Impact
Identifying the Most Relevant B2B Influencers
When to Outsource Influencer Marketing Programs
Achieving Better Content Co-Creation with Influencers
The Best Methods for Activating Influencers
Creating a Positive Two-Way Influencer Experience
Top Strategies for Measuring Influencer Marketing Performance
2024 Influencer Trends & Predictions from the World’s Top B2B Marketers
25 Top Influencer Marketing Experts to Follow & Learn From
Why TopRank Marketing is a Top Choice for B2B Influencer Marketing

“Influencer marketing is one key way to deliver exceptionally valuable, trustworthy and fascinating content.” — Donna Robinson of @TopRank
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8 — Beyond Automation: Why Hybrid AI is the Future of Best-Answer B2B Content — Lane R. Ellis

Why is hybrid AI becoming the next generation of best-answer content in B2B marketing? As B2B brands look to enhance the power of AI with uniquely human qualities, build trust, and nurture relationships, a new form of best-answer content is emerging, and in the eighth most-popular post of the year I offer up a close look at hybrid AI.

“For B2B marketing to truly thrive during what has become AI’s prime-time spotlight, the expertise of the human touch needs to augment generative AI tools and form a new hybrid AI.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis
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9 — 50+ Top B2B Marketing Events To Learn From — Lane R. Ellis

Where can B2B marketers learn the latest from top industry leaders? In the ninth most-read article of the year I share a powerful collection of more than 50 top B2B marketing conferences and events, each offering a wealth of learning and networking opportunities.

“Marketing conferences truly offer a wealth of benefits to marketers looking for the latest learning, new networking opportunities, and recent industry research and insight to help increase brand awareness.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis
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10 — Today’s Top B2B Inbound Marketing Challenges — Harry Mackin

In our tenth most-popular article of the year our content strategist Harry Mackin asks just what are today’s top B2B inbound marketing challenges? From ROI and economic pressures to increased competition, changing audiences and more, Harry then looks at the top inbound marketing issues and offers savvy solutions to each.

“Getting to know what your audience is searching for and why will help inform every aspect of your inbound marketing, from what you produce to how you produce it to even where you publish it.” — Harry Mackin of @TopRank Marketing
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Thanks TopRank Marketing Readers & Writers

Thanks to you our readers, and to all of our top content marketing authors for contributing to this strong group of the 10 top B2B marketing posts of the past year.

We publish specifically about the unique and changing nature of B2B marketing, and plan to bring you even more in 2024, so stay tuned for a new year of the latest helpful industry research and relevant insight.

Please let us know which B2B marketing topics and ideas you’d like to see us focus on for 2024 — we’d love to hear your suggestions. Feel free to leave those thoughts in the comments section below.

Many thanks to each of you who read our blog regularly, and to all of you who comment on and share our posts on the TopRank Marketing social media channels at Twitter / X, LinkedInFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

You’ll find much more about the future of B2B influencer marketing and its power to build relationships and create influencer communities in our all-new 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report. It’s data-packed 39 pages are rich with survey insights, case studies from B2B brands, top influencer marketing predictions, and much more.

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