Gratitude in Growth: Celebrating a Year of Transformation at TopRank Marketing

A Thanksgiving Ode to B2B Marketing

In this season of thanks, we pause and reflect,
On journeys in marketing, with due respect.
From boardrooms to webinars, strategies unfurl,
In the bustling world of B2B’s swirl.

With gratitude, we think of clients so dear,
Whose visions and goals, we’ve helped steer.
Together we’ve charted digital seas,
Elevating brands with graceful ease.

In campaigns and content, our stories entwine,
Crafting narratives that truly shine.
Metrics and KPIs, in harmony blend,
Celebrating successes, from start to end.

So here’s to the journey, the ups and the downs,
To all the hard work that rarely frowns.
Thank you, dear clients, for trust and more,
In this marketing voyage, we truly adore.

As Thanksgiving beckons with its festive flare,
We’re thankful for partners, beyond compare.
In the spirit of giving, let’s raise a toast,
To B2B marketing, what we love most!

All rhyming aside, TopRank Marketing has a long history of sharing an attitude of gratitude this time of year. Here are a few words from our team members on what they are most thankful for:

“There is nothing more magical than having a deep friendship in your 40s with the same people you built blanket forts with when you were eight. I am so deeply thankful for my big brother and big sister! From trying to send messages to the Alien Dogs on Sirius to reaching out to one another from across the world, we’ve always challenged each other’s imaginations for what’s possible and centered one another in times of need. Love you, and thank you!”
Theresa Dorsey Meis, Content Strategist

“2023 has been chock full with new wonders and delights plus a few challenges to keep things interesting, all merging to form another year I’m very thankful for.

Most of all I’m grateful for my tremendous and supportive family, friends, and associates.

Celebrating 22 years of marriage with my amazing wife Julie Ahasay tops my thankfulness list, along with the continuing joy of having my parents Konnie and Bob in my life, as well as my astounding and always-inspiring 106-year-old grandma Lilly Haldorsen, who still lives in her own house and gets out often.

I’m grateful for nearly 40 years of communicating online, and thankful to still be able to run and mountain bike the beautiful trails of Duluth. I’m also thankful for our loving cats Kukla , Twister, and Arlo.

This time of year is ideal for reflecting and reaching out to give the world and its endless opportunities a cozy embrace of thankfulness, and I send a hearty virtual hug to all of you I’m fortunate enough to know, lovely family and friends. Thank you.”
Lane R. Ellis, Social Media & Content Marketing Manager

“I am thankful for my husband and daughter, our home, and the friendships we’ve built together. Working at TopRank has allowed me to prioritize my work/life balance, and the awesome team is the icing on the cake!”
Casey Borrero, Influencer Marketing Strategist

“It’s been a tough year for my family in several ways, so I’m very grateful to say we’re all still in one piece and healthy. These challenges have made me more grateful for TopRank than ever, since having a job and co-workers I can count on and feel good about has been a huge boon when I needed it most. Thank you all for creating such a positive and inspiring work environment!”
Harry Mackin, Content Strategist

“As I reflect this Thanksgiving with a heart full of gratitude, acknowledging the blessings that have shaped the year. At the core of my thankfulness is the unwavering support of family, especially my husband, whose love and encouragement have been a constant source of strength. I want to express deep appreciation for my fulfilling employment at TopRank Marketing and the valuable learning experiences that have enriched my career. I want to acknowledge the collaborative spirit of my coworkers, who continue to amaze and inspire me. I find solace in the companionship of my pets, Bandit, Henri and Kayla, whose unconditional love brings joy and warmth to my everyday existence. Lastly, I want to extend my gratitude to the vibrant community that surrounds me, recognizing the collective strength and resilience that emerges when individuals come together to support and uplift one another.”
Debbie Friez, Associate Director, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

“As I reflect on this past year, I’m personally grateful for taking a leap and moving to my new beach town – Lantana, Florida. I’ve had so much fun living on Florida’s east coast, meeting new people, and feeling blessed to enjoy all of my favorite ocean activities. Professionally, I’ve had the best time working at TopRank since starting in January of this year. I’m grateful to be working with the kindest (shout-out to Midwesterners) and smartest team, the ability to work remotely, and I’m genuinely excited for what’s to come in 2024.”
— Jenny Steffens, Senior Account Manager

“This Thanksgiving, I’m brimming with gratitude for the vibrant new chapter at TopRank Marketing. With our refreshed brand, updated website, and an energized blog, we’re setting new standards in marketing. Our latest influencer report’s success and collaborating with our inspiring new CEO, Donna Robinson, mark the beginning of an exhilarating journey.

At home, watching my daughters’ curiosity and growth is a joyful reminder of life’s simple wonders (and a reminder that I still have a lot to learn about the world!). Here’s to a season of growth, giggles, and the occasional ‘sanity check’ – Happy Thanksgiving to all!”
Katelyn Drake, Director of Agency Marketing

“I’m so thankful for my children — 14-yo is growing up to be a kind, considerate and funny young man. My 8-yo daughter is a ray of sunshine and love to everyone she meets!

On the work side, I’m grateful for a team that is always up to bounce ideas off each other and help each other do our best work.”
Joshua Nite, Senior Content Marketing Manager

“I am thankful that I was able to welcome a healthy, beautiful daughter this year and that I have been so supported in being a mom AND bad-a** marketer by TopRank. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work for this agency and be able to show my daughter what a strong work ethic and purpose can bring into your life.”
Claire Luinstra, Director, Client Accounts

“This year, I am painfully aware of how privileged I am to live somewhere safe with my little family, all of whom are in good health. I have been reminded this year not to take those things for granted, and that these days are a gift. I’m learning to stay present, slow down, and sometimes pause so I can fully soak up intentional time each day with my husband and young children.”
Erin McClure, Senior Account Manager

TopRank Marketing Gives Thanks for You in 2023

As this year unfolds with its unique challenges and triumphs, all of us at TopRank Marketing find ourselves more grateful than ever for you. Your unwavering support, incredible partnerships, and enthusiastic engagement have been pivotal in our journey of refreshing our brand, enhancing our services, and achieving remarkable milestones in B2B marketing.

This Thanksgiving, we’re particularly thankful for the opportunity to collaborate, grow, and celebrate successes, both big and small, alongside you. Your trust and partnership inspire us every day to reach new heights and continue innovating in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Happy Thanksgiving from our team to yours! May this season be filled with joy, reflection, and the warmth of shared successes.


The TopRank Marketing Team

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