I Tried X Premium (Twitter Blue) for 3 Months — Here’s What Happened

X, formerly known as Twitter, has gone through a lot of changes since its ownership changed hands in November 2023. One of the most notable ones is its paid tier, which has seen name and design changes and many (many) additions to its list of features.

So much has happened with this paid tier known as X Premium (RIP Twitter Blue) that it can be overwhelming for users considering it to go through and understand if it’s right for them. 

To help ease some of this confusion, I paid for X Premium and tracked the performance of my content over 90 days. My goal was to assess the paid tier’s value and whether you should take the $8 (or $16) leap. In this article, I attempt to do just that and help you make the right decision for your brand.

What is X Premium?

X Premium is a premium, opt-in, paid subscription service designed to enhance user experience on the platform. It offers additional features to improve engagement and personalization, with three tiers: 

Basic: This tier costs $3 a month or $32 a year, giving users access to limited features.Premium: This was the first tier made available, and it costs $8 or $84 a year. It has all the features that one might consider useful. It’s also the tier I went with because it was the only one available at the time.Premium+: This tier costs $16 a month or $168 a year and offers a few extra features not included in the Premium tier.

If you’re looking for pricing information specific to your country, X provides that here.

Some key features of X Premium include the ability to edit your posts and upload longer posts and videos, as well as a Blue checkmark and text formatting, among many others. We’ll dive into them in a minute – but first, how do you sign up?

How to get X Premium

If you’re just here to know how to get X Premium for yourself, it’s pretty simple:

Navigate to the X website or open the X app on your phone.Look for the ‘X Premium’ or ‘Subscription’ option in your account settings or profile menu.

Select from the three available tiers – Basic, Premium, or Premium+ – based on the features you need and your budget.

Familiarize yourself with each tier’s features to ensure they align with your requirements.

The maximum available features as shown under the Premium+ tier

Follow the prompts to pay and complete the subscription process.Once subscribed, you’ll receive a confirmation, and the X Premium features will become available.

Exploring the core features of X Premium

X Premium users on any tier above Basic get access to a laundry list of features – however, it’s a pretty long list. 

So, I picked out the most relevant features for you as a creator or small business owner and what you need to know, including the benefits, downsides, and why it might be worth the price tag.

What it is
Worth the Price Tag?

Edit Post
Allows editing tweets post-publishing within an hour
Correct errors, update info, enhance clarity
Limited to one hour, restrictions on edit count
No – it was often too buggy to get much use out of. I’m also not used to editing my posts, so I didn’t bother with it most of the time.

Longer Posts
Expands character limit up to 25,000
Delve deeper into topics, more comprehensive content
Longer format may deter some readers
Definitely – this was one feature that I used a lot and would miss if I didn’t have X Premium anymore.

Prioritized Rankings in Replies
Boosts visibility of user interactions
Increases engagement and reach
Effectiveness varies with audience activity
No – this isn’t a priority for most people and if you’re trying to get visibility, it would be better to message the creator or quote the tweet.

Bookmark Folders and Custom App Icons
Organizes content and personalizes app icons
Helps in research and content curation; personalizes experience
More about organization and aesthetics
Maybe – if you like organized content, this might be worth the price tag. It also makes a great swipe file because you can sort your content better.

Blue Checkmark (Premium and Premium+ tiers)
Verification symbol for profiles
Offers credibility and recognition
Verification process and eligibility criteria may be barriers
Definitely not – most people hide their checkmarks since that option was offered.

Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions (Premium and Premium+ tiers)
Monetization options
New revenue streams, financially viable platform
Depends on audience size and engagement levels
Maybe – if you have a larger audience, this could make the price tag worth it. Or maybe not, with reports of even larger creators not receiving as much revenue as when the program first launched.

Ad Reduction (Premium and Premium+ tiers)
Reduces ad presence on the platform
Cleaner browsing experience, less distraction
Doesn’t eliminate ads entirely
Not quite – I agree that I see less ads, but it’s still too frequent for my preference

Longer Video Uploads
Extends video upload limits
Allows uploading longer videos
Limited to specific platforms and devices
Maybe – if you mostly upload video content, this is a great option to have.

My personal experience with X Premium

My first note on switching to the X Premium user experience was: “I have no clue what to do now.” I was familiar with some reasons why most people weren’t huge fans of subscribing to a social media platform. But I hadn’t seen much about the benefits of subscribing (other than revenue sharing) and why someone might want to take the leap.

So, I asked my audience what they’d want to know about using it and got some helpful questions.

Just subscribed to Twitter? X? Blue and I’ll be documenting whether it’s worth it over the next few months

What would you like to know/should keep an eye on 🤔👇🏾

— tamilore (@tamioladipo) August 11, 2023

A couple of people asked me to check in on how the reach of my content would change or improve over the 90 days.

Reach. I’d like to know if it helps with giving your content more reach, and if there’s anything else here that benefits creators asides the pay

— Gigii 🌶️ (@gigiipepperr) August 11, 2023

Reach as well 🙂

— Scotty | The “Ugly Emails” Guy (@el_ghostmailer) August 11, 2023

I also got a request to check in on how long-form posts perform. These questions informed a lot of how I approached my content while doing this experiment. 

How long-form tweets perform

— Justin (@JustCopyJustin) August 11, 2023

Now, I’ve always been a text creator, so my posting style didn’t change – in fact, I posted less than in the prior three-month period, with my frequency going down from 164 posts in 90 days to 94. Still, that made the results more impressive – check out the analysis.

How my content performed before and after X Premium

X’s analytics leave much to be desired, so I’ve added data from my Buffer analytics. There might be inconsistencies between the two datasets, so bear with me.

Without further ado, here’s how my content performed over two different 90-day periods.

Before X Premium

Before X Premium, my activity was much higher. I shared 164 tweets and, according to Buffer, got:

Performance according to Buffer198,873 impressions1,938 likes260 replies313 retweets 2,080 clicks391 new followers

Then, according to Twitter, for the same 90-day-period I got approximately:

253,200 impressions4.5 percent engagement rate2,300 likes492 replies335 retweets (without comments, aka quotes)2,800 link clicks

Each tweet, on average, gained 1,213 impressions and 48 engagements.

I can also draw a direct line from the elevated performance of this period to two things. One is a resource I shared that got me more engagement than normal, and two is a series of news updates I used to share but have since paused.

These two content formats skewed my results higher than normal over this 90-day period.

After X Premium

After X Premium, even though my tweet count reduced to 94, the engagement quality remained high, with a 3.6 percent engagement rate.

To dig in further, according to Buffer, I received 287 replies, 326 retweets, and 556 link clicks.

186,630 impressions1,661 likes219 replies273 retweets 32 clicks242 new followers

Then, from my Twitter analytics, I can see that I received approximately:

243,200 impressions3.6 percent engagement rate2,100 likes287 replies326 retweets (without comments, aka quotes)556 link clicks

What do these numbers mean?

This comparison reveals that even though my overall activity decreased post-subscription, the engagement quality of my content was maintained.

According to Twitter, the average daily impressions only dropped to around 2,700 from 2,800.

Since I was publishing less, subscribing to X Premium appears to have enhanced the reach of each post, contributing to more impactful results overall.

So while you should take all these stats with a grain of salt, seeing as there have been challenges with X’s analytics and such big differences between both platforms I used to track them, they’re helpful to get an idea of the performance of my content. 

Is X Premium right for you?

Short answer: probably yes. 

X Premium immediately seems like a great fit for anyone looking to grow an engaged audience, especially if your content is primarily text-driven. 

Features like editing and the ability to make longer form content are invaluable for maintaining quality and depth in content. Some of my best-performing posts were longer, and they did pretty well.


It’s also great for engaging with your community because you get enhanced visibility through prioritized rankings in replies, which is crucial for audience growth.

However, the subscription has its limitations. The impact of features like revenue sharing and creator subscriptions’ is felt more by those with an already established follower base – which are some of the main draws of the paid tier. The monetization benefits might not be immediately tangible if you’re newer or have a small audience like me.

I still think X Premium can be powerful if you want to refine your content quality and engagement strategies, especially if you already possess a substantial following. 

Ultimately, for smaller accounts or those just starting, you should weigh the incremental benefits of engagement and reach and small upgrades against your finances before investing in X Premium.

Will you be subscribing to X Premium? Are you currently subscribed? We’d love to know your experience in the comments – or you could join the Buffer community in Discord and share there.

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