Turtleneck confusion

Apple didn’t succeed because of the way Steve Jobs dressed.

Just like SBF’s hair didn’t put him in jail.

We can look at the outré behavior of various Silicon Valley overlords and come to the conclusion that it’s not only a necessary part of the job but actually the cause of their project’s success.

That’s like saying that all the rigamarole some baseball players do before stepping up to the plate leads to home runs, or that an author’s special pencil is the secret to their writing style. You don’t have to scream and yell to run a great restaurant.

The rapid rise of tech and the power of the network effect is mysterious to many. Add to that the proven but non-obvious foundations of successful marketing, and it seems like the easiest way forward is to simply copy some antics we see in the media. It’s tempting to look for clues as to the magic. But co-incident events aren’t always causes.

No need to be part of the circus. If you can find a problem and solve it, you can skip the clown car.

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