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My new short LinkedIn class on project management just launched, and I’ll be discussing it live today with Amanda Ruud … we’ll be there if you want to bring your questions.

Sooner or later, all important work becomes project work.

After the extraordinary feedback from her last session, Avaleen Morris is leading another session of the Song of Significance interactive workshop in a few weeks. It’s about Work Worth Doing. You save 15% with that link. This is two hours that will change the way you interact with your peers and your work.

Purple.space continues to inspire and evolve and create possibility for the people who are part of it. It includes peer-to-peer support, communities of practice, active workshops, daily check-ins and more. It also includes access to the Marketing seminar, the Creative’s workshop, and this week, the Freelancer’s workshop as well.

My first Page-A-Day calendar is a surprise bestseller, and it starts doing its job on your desk in just a few weeks.

Here’s the link to the free Thanksgiving Reader. It might be just what we need. Gratitude usually is.

And, if you’re in NY before the end of the year, Asi Wind is one of the finest magicians in the world. It’s fair to say he will blow your mind.

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