How This Course Creator Doubled Her Biggest Sales Day of the Year with a Simple Email Sequence

Every course creator has that one time of the year that’s more important to them than any other.

For some, it’s their big launch promo.

For others, it’s a specific holiday like New Year’s (I’m looking at you, diet/fitness course creators) or Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Whatever it is for you, imagine if you could instantly double your typical sales numbers.

It’d be kiiiiind of a big deal, right?

That’s exactly what happened to Andrea De La Torre, who 2x’d the revenue she usually makes from her Mother’s Day Sale.

For the last few years, she’s offered a 35% discount on her courses that teach parents how to get their babies to sleep more (that’s why Mother’s Day is such a good promo fit for her).

But this year, we recommended one big change to her campaign that ended up making all the difference.

I hopped on a call with Andrea to get all the details so you can borrow this approach to blow up your next big promo.

Check it out + the full breakdown below!

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Check out Andrea’s business, Baby Sleep Answers, here!

Breaking Down Andrea’s Record Breaking Mother’s Day Promo

Before we dive into the specifics of Andrea’s Mother’s Day Sale, let’s get a sense of how her business works:

The Business: Andrea is the founder of Baby Sleep Answers. She helps parents get their babies to sleep more.

The Products: Andrea sells a combination of ebooks, courses, and 1:1 consultations, but courses are her primary products.

The courses currently sell from $79 – $149.

Her Ideal Customer: Moms who have a baby around 4 – 24 months old.

Her Funnel: Historically, Instagram has been a massive source of sales for Andrea. While it’s still bringing her lots of traffic, it hasn’t been converting like it used to lately.

“I used to get thousands of people on my story and thousands of people seeing my posts every day, and then people would just buy from that,” she said. “Then Instagram changed with Reels, and my count is not growing anymore. Our sales have stagnated. I’ve just not been able to reach as many people.”

The new strategy?

Convert more of the people that do make it to her website.

The simplest way to do that?

Start with the email list.

While Andrea has been good about running promotions to her list, she’s always felt hesitant about it.

She’s a teacher first and foremost — not a salesperson.

So sending sales emails always felt pushy to her. That’s why, in the past, she always just sent one email out on the day of the sale and left it at that.

“I didn’t want to be annoying and never reminded anyone,” she said.

This is a suuuuper common fear we see with coaches and course creators.

Most started their business because they enjoy helping people with whatever they teach. They didn’t start it because they love marketing.

That’s why we pushed Andrea to send more emails than usual for her annual Mother’s Day Sale.

Instead of sticking with the single email approach, she structured the campaign like this:

The results?

She doubled the revenue she typically made in previous Mother’s Day Sales (from $3k to $6k).

All by sending a couple more super simple emails!

And guess what? Some subscribers even thanked her for sending the extra emails.

“I actually had a few people say, ‘Hey, thank you because I didn’t see it until now,’” she said.

Those thank-yous came in response to Andrea’s final “Extend the Sale” email — which works especially well for sales centered around holidays like this one. People get busy, their inboxes get flooded, and it’s easy for them to miss the deadline. The extension email gives them an extra chance.

See how natural this sounds?

It’s a simple lesson, but one everyone needs to learn at some point: just tell more people about your deal!

You can do it without being annoying.

You can do it without being spammy.

You can do it without burning out your list.

Just ask Andrea.

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