Fill Your Next Webinar with These 2 Simple Emails

Pre-webinar emails are way too overlooked.

The right sequence can make the difference between a packed room full of conversation and that awkward moment where you realize you’re presenting to three people (and one is your mom).

Recently, our client Mike Lamothe ran an all-day marathon webinar and managed to attract 1,000+ attendees. Many even stayed the entire 8 hours!

While there were several factors that contributed to that level of engagement, I want to zoom in on 2 simple emails he sent that anyone can copy in about 5 minutes for their next webinar.

These emails not only increase the likelihood that people will show up—they also help you understand your audience better.

Let’s check ‘em out.

Email 1:

The first email has a simple job: get registrants to send in questions.

Check it out:

Like I said, this is incredibly simple. But notice a few things:

It includes a reminder of the date/time. Obvious, but you can’t do this too much.

After the CTA to reply with questions, it lists the speakers and the topics. This makes it easier for your registrants to think of questions.

Pro Tip: Most webinars aren’t going to have a massive list of panelists like this. In fact, you might be the only person teaching! In that case, go into a little bit more detail on the content you’ll be delivering. Let them know what kinds of topics to ask questions about. Whatever you can do to spark their imagination will help!

Email 2:

Email 2 allows you to take the questions you received and immediately turn them into content that generates even more interest in your webinar:

This email accomplishes a couple of things:

Showcases some buzz around your webinar. Registrants can see that other people are already engaged and excited.
Further teases interesting content your webinar will feature.

People often say there will be Q&A, but this email allows registrants to feel like there will be genuine interaction during the webinar. And that’s what people want (instead of a 100% canned presentation).

These emails are incredibly easy to adapt to your pre-webinar sequence.

Try them out and let me know what kind of interaction you start getting!

See How Mike’s Virtual Conference Added 874 Leads to His Email List and Sent His Book to #1 on Amazon

Like I said earlier, these 2 emails were just one of many ingredients Mike used to put on a massively successful virtual conference.

Check out our full interview with him to see how he attracted hundreds of new leads and customers so you can do the same.

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