The Simple Pivot That Rocketed Mike Lamothe’s Book to #1 on Amazon

Two weeks out from his book release day, Mike Lamothe was terrified.

He’d spent months organizing a virtual conference featuring big names in his niche to coincide with the release…

And only 15 people had registered for it.


He knew something had to change, so his Growth University coach quickly helped him map out an action plan to turn things around.

The results?

By the time release day was over…

  • 874 people had registered for the conference (and joined his email list)
  • 1,000+ people had viewed it
  • His book hit #1 on Amazon’s hot list for his niche (and #5 overall on the massive Business & Finance category)

Beyond that, the event also led to a couple of new high-ticket clients for his VIP coaching program.

In this interview, Mike breaks down exactly how he organized and executed his virtual conference—including the critical pivot that changed everything—so you can learn how to attract a massive pool of buyers to your email list in a small amount of time.

Check it out now + get the full breakdown below!

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Breaking Down Mike’s #1 Amazon Book Launch

Before we get to the email, let’s look at how Mike’s company works:

The Business: Mike is the founder of MARA Wealth. They help new and experienced stock traders reach their investing and trading goals.

The Product: In addition to his books on stock trading, Mike’s flagship product is a membership site that combines video training and coaching called the MARA Elite Program.

The membership has 3 tiers to choose from:

  • Starter ($49/month or $397/year)
  • Premium ($97/month or $997/year)
  • VIP ($197/month or $1,997/year)

The primary differentiator for the VIP tier is the level of live coaching. It includes access to regular group coaching calls, a 1:1 onboarding strategy call, 1:1 quarterly review calls, and more.

The Book: Mike’s books are one of his best top-of-funnel assets.

They offer people interested in stock trading a low-cost method to get to know his content, personality, and brand so he can build trust and convert them into membership subscribers.

His latest book is called The Trading Mindwheel.

To promote its April 4, 2023 release, Mike organized a virtual conference named after the book:

As you can see, Mike partnered with 9 other stock trading influencers who participated in the conference so he could attract a large audience of people who would buy the book.

The problem?

No one actually seemed to care about attending it.

The Simple Pivot That Turned the Launch Around

Mike’s original plan for generating book sales from the conference was simple—it would be a free bonus for everyone who pre-ordered the book.

He even set up a simple system for purchasers to submit their receipts via the book’s landing page:

Mike knew pre-orders were coming in, but somehow only 15 people had registered for the virtual conference with two weeks until the release.

It didn’t matter that he’d lined up killer speakers.

It didn’t matter that he estimated an in-person event with them would likely be $500-$1,000 per ticket.

For whatever reason, purchasers were not taking the extra steps to register to attend.

And the last thing Mike wanted was for the event to bomb after he’d convinced 9 of his respected peers to dedicate time to it.

“I didn’t want to let the speakers down,” he said. “These are people that I look up to, that I admire. I wanted them to be able to speak to hundreds and thousands of people.”

Something had to change. So Mike hopped on a call with his Growth University coach and they quickly mapped out an action plan:

  • He would make the conference completely free—no receipt would be required to register.
  • He would announce the change to his email list.
  • The speakers would promote the new registration page to their audiences as well.

Here is the email Mike sent to his list to announce the change:

Incredibly simple, right?

It gets better.

Check out how straightforward the registration page was:

It’s just a basic page generated from the service he used to stream the conference (Streamyard).

I’m pointing out the simplicity of the email and the registration page for a couple of reasons:

In situations like this, ACTION means everything. Don’t worry about perfection. Just ship it.

Great content is more important than great marketing. Mike put in the time to attract top tier speakers to this conference, which allowed him to be pretty straightforward in his promo material.

With registration open to everyone, the results changed almost instantly.

By the day of the conference, Mike had gone from 15 registrants to 874. And the extra attention on the event had already translated into enough pre-orders to propel The Trading Mindwheel to #1 on Amazon’s hot list for “Introduction to Investing”:

Mike also made the smart move to simultaneously stream the conference on YouTube, which organically attracted another 100+ attendees who watched live.

Since then, the replay of the event has gotten over 6,000 views and book sales have continued to come in.

Additionally, Mike’s gotten 2 new VIP membership clients, for a total of $3,994 in sales.

“There’s a 5-day launch sequence that Growth University has, and that’s the next thing we’re working on,” Mike said. “So we’ll probably get some more clients from that.”

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