Close More Coaching Clients by Asking These 5 Sales Call Questions

Nobody gets into coaching because they like selling people.

We do it because we like helping people.

Selling feels…icky.

But it doesn’t have to!

In fact, we’ve boiled down the entire “sales call” into a series of just 5 questions that make the conversation feel natural, conversational, and the furthest thing from “salesy” you can imagine.

Today, I’m going to give you those questions by showing you how one of our clients recently adapted them to sell her coaching program (which she recently doubled the price of).

Let’s check ‘em out.

Swipe Our Proven Sales Call Formula for High-Ticket Coaching

Recently, I interviewed our client Sandy Linda to show you how she doubled her coaching price from $2,500 to $5,000. She is a life and grief coach who helps women move beyond loss and grief and develop a purposeful life.

What we didn’t have time to cover was the 5 simple questions she uses to structure her sales calls.

These are adapted from our sales call script, so you can easily adapt them to fit your product and audience too.

Instead of winging it or following a template that makes you feel like a used car salesman, try these 5 straightforward questions on your next call:

Question #1: The Dream Result

“Fast forward one year, what’s changed with your grief that would delight you with your progress? Describe your dream scenario. Why is achieving this important to you?”

This question not only helps you understand exactly what your prospect is shooting for, it also gets them in a positive headspace.

As a bonus, it’s a great way to make sure you’re on the same page and they’re a good fit for your coaching program.

Question #2: The Obstacle

“What’s been standing in your way or holding you back from that?”

Starting with the positive makes it easier to get into the problems and pains that are holding them back. This question is like an answer key to the challenges your prospect needs to believe you can help them solve.

Question #3: The Belief

“What resources, talents, and skills do you have to help you with that?”

Even though the prospect is ideally hiring you to help them, they still need to believe deep down that they’re capable of achieving their desired outcome with your help. This question reminds them of the skills they already have to increase their self confidence and belief level.

Question #4: The Solution

“Can I share what I’ve developed to help you?”

Talk about an effortless way to transition into your pitch. At this point, it’s not even that much of a “pitch.” It’s just sharing what you do to help people like your prospect achieve the outcome they shared at the beginning of the call.

Question #5: The Close

“Are you ready to move forward?”

Don’t just share info about your coaching and then leave it hanging there. Encourage your prospect to take action right away with a gentle prompt like this one.

It’s as simple as that.

Bonus Question: The Referral

“Is there anyone else you know who would be a fit for this?”

Even if your prospect declines to buy, they still might be willing to refer you to someone they believe you can help.

If they answer yes, offer to send them an email/text template they can copy and paste.

Simple, right?

While there’s a bit more to the call than just these 5 questions, these alone give you a rock solid foundation to build on.

Want to see how Sandy recently doubled her coaching price?

Check out the interview where we talk through the simple approach she used to increase her price without losing clients.

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