[Swipe] Get the Cold Email That Helped Build a Million-Dollar Coaching Business

Last week, I showed you how Chris Jones has used 1 marketing strategy to grow his coaching business for realtors to $1.1 million in annual sales:

He cold emails other people who have realtors in their audience and asks if he can teach that audience something cool.

It’s a win-win partnership:

The partner gets quality content for their audience (and Chris promotes them to his email list).

Chris gets a warm introduction to an audience full of his ideal customers.

Today, I want to give you the cold email he used to snag a guest webinar partnership that landed him $5,000 in initial sales and so many evergreen leads and sales that Chris says there’s no way to put a figure on how valuable it’s been for his business.

But first — a few quick deets before we jump into the email:

Chris wrote this email to the owner of a Facebook group for realtors called Next Level Agents.
The goal was to get him to agree to let Chris deliver a free webinar to the 27k+ members of the group.
Chris had no connection to the guy, other than the fact that he’d cold pitched him 3 times in the past and gotten no’s every time.

Also, when you look at the email, keep an eye out for these key elements:

Relational Anchors: These show you have a connection to the partner (even if the connection is just that you’re a fan of their work). It proves you’re not some random weirdo trying to spam them.
Win for the Partner: This explains why the partnership will benefit them.
Simple Ask: This makes responding easy for the partner. They should be able to reply “yes” or “no” to your email.

Alright, with those in mind, let’s check out Chris’s email:

Pretty simple, right?

But when you look closely, you can see that EVERY element of this cold pitch email is intentional.

Chris included not one but TWO relational anchors:

Anchor #1: He mentioned a specific podcast episode from Kevin. This is what we call a “consumption” anchor. It lets your potential partner know right away that this isn’t just some copy/paste template you’re spamming hundreds of people with. And it shows you understand their audience.
Anchor #2: He mentioned that he shared the episode with his audience. This is what we call a “promotion” anchor. It’s hard to ignore someone when they’re literally promoting your work.

Beyond that, the pitch is short and to-the-point, the win for the partner is clear, and the simple ask makes replying easy.

When you nail those elements, it’s pretty hard to screw up a pitch email.

You won’t ALWAYS get a “yes,” but at the very least, you’ll get a polite “no” that might turn into a yes in the future. And that’s pretty dang valuable.

Whose audience would you LOVE to get in front of?

You can easily use this cold email from Chris as a template to reach out to them — even if your audience is much smaller.

And if you need an extra dose of encouragement, check out my full interview with Chris about his journey from a 6- to 7-figure coaching business.

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