3 great conversation starters

Remember yesterday when I showed you three examples of dreadful direct messages I’ve received recently?

None of them were even slightly likely to interest me, let alone engage me.

In fact, they were only useful to illustrate how woeful are most people’s attempts at communications.

Well, I promised you 3 examples of openers that might work better. So here they are, for you to copy + paste and open rewarding client relationships:

1: When you see someone whose work strikes a chord:

“Loving your work. This seems like a great mission. What stage are you at with it right now?”

2: When you see someone who commented or posted about something you could help with:

“I saw your post/comment, and I feel your pain. I might have an idea for you. Let’s jump on a quick call sometime soon and see if I can share anything useful!”

3: When you haven’t communicated in a while with a “former” client:

“We haven’t spoken for ages. I have an idea I’d like to run by you. Can we talk?”

The goal is always to open a conversation. You’ll achieve nothing if they’re not listening and talking back.

Get those convos flowing, and you’ve got the keys to the kingdom. 




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