Jennifer Gutman on Who to Onboard First for a Healthy Employee Advocacy Program

Jennifer Gutman, Director of Social Strategy at Oktopost takes on employee advocacy.

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Episode Summary

Join Jennifer Gutman, Director of Social Strategy at Oktopost as she hosts a solo episode to reveal why building a healthy employee advocacy program is 100% dependent on who you onboard first in your pilot program.

With many organizations looking to embark on employee advocacy in 2022, the purpose of this episode is twofold: firstly, to help marketing leaders set realistic expectations about the onboarding of employee advocates, and secondly, to visualize a practical approach targeted towards supporting and expanding a healthy advocacy program that includes diverse roles, personalities and more!!

Meet Jennifer Gutman

Jennifer is Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy. With more than 10 years of experience in SaaS that includes MarTech and conversational commerce, Jennifer has an impressive reputation of leading meaningful transformations across B2B organizations to be forward-thinking when it comes to using technology.

Jennifer passionately believes that social media is the anchor of any successful B2B marketing strategy and is helping to transform the way B2B organizations manage and measure social media. She has worked closely with Oktopost customers of all sizes to roll out and scale their employee advocacy programs and grow their social media presence. She is known for guiding B2B marketers to speak the same language as the rest of their organization, earning them a seat at the strategy table.

She’s a trusted employee advocacy advisor, webinar producer, and fierce advocate for leveraging social media to build authentic and meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.

Prior to joining Oktopost, Jennifer was working in dark social fighting crime and terror, using social listening to monitor threats across social networks for both the public and private sectors. Jennifer holds a BA in Media and Communication from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, and an MA in Counter-terrorism from Reichman University in Herzliya, Israel.


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