Software done well

There are a few tools I use regularly that make me smile, because the craftspeople who made them decided to build something with extra magic and care.

By using and paying for well crafted software, we often get far more than we pay for…

Ecamm is the tool I use for all my online talks, recordings and meetings. It’s really powerful, so it’ll take some time to get good at it, but the responsiveness and support of the company is terrific.

Superhuman is powerful and needs some ramp up time, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

This little app that allows people to bypass the horrible UX of Resy for meals in NY or SF is brilliant.

Nisus is still the most powerful, easiest and kindest word processor I know.

Ocen is my favorite audio editor.

Roon sounds great and will help you discover music you love.

Riverside is far better than Zoom for recording interviews.

Kittl is a fine place to mockup a logo.

Shippo make sending packages cheaper and easier.

Lightburn remains the best way I know to control a laser cutter.

Overcast is the podcast listening app with the best UX.

Opal is a dynamic combination of a webcam and great software to go with it.

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