Buffer for Threads is Here: Plan, Schedule, Cross-post, and Analyze Your Content

I’m thrilled to share that you can now use Threads within your Buffer account.

Threads launched less than a year ago but, as young as the platform is, there’s no doubt that it’s already an important new social platform. Many are finding it to be a calmer space and a place where they see greater engagement and connection.

Threads offers a powerful opportunity to find community and growth on a brand-new social network, boosted by the distribution of Instagram and connected to the wider ecosystem of the fediverse.

And yet, Threads is also another social network to stay on top of and regularly post to. Today, participating in Threads becomes much easier thanks to Buffer’s brand-new integration. 

We’ve been building our support for Threads for months (as you’ll see from the screenshots below!) so that as soon as they made their API available, we could provide this value to you.

This step goes beyond new features or technical advancements. It’s about how we continue to evolve and serve our inspiring customers — creators, businesses, artists, nonprofits, and educators.

Listening and responding to our community

The decision to integrate Threads came directly from you — our community. We received over 7,000 requests for this feature, and each one was a reminder of why we do what we do at Buffer.

It’s about providing tools that empower your voices and help you connect in more meaningful ways. Thanks to all of you who shared your vote for us to add Threads, and for holding us accountable to improving Buffer for you.

Fostering a calmer, more deliberate internet

In a world where online conversations can often be reactive and impulsive, we believe in fostering a more thoughtful approach to social media.

As Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri aptly described, Threads offers a “less angry space for public conversations.” Our integration allows you to craft your Threads with care and intentionality, encouraging a friendlier, calmer internet environment.

Embracing simplicity and accessibility

One of Buffer’s core beliefs is in the power of simplicity. Threads aligns perfectly with this, offering an intuitive and welcoming space for sharing ideas.

At Buffer, we strive to make social media accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or expertise. This integration is a step towards making that a reality.

The power of interoperability in social media

As we look towards the future of social media, the ability to seamlessly connect across platforms is an exciting reality. The web was built on open standards, and it is wonderful to see a return to those ideals with the fediverse.

With the fediverse, you can select your social network provider and community of choice, and share and engage with people within or outside that community.

Threads is the first mainstream platform to connect to the fediverse, and could open up the world of decentralized social media to many people who might feel intimidated by the technology.

This is a significant moment and milestone for social media, and one that we have long been committed to supporting.

For over a year, Buffer has supported Mastodon, the social platform that popularized the fediverse. And we’re working hard right now to support Bluesky soon, another interesting approach to decentralized social media.

You can now share your thoughts seamlessly from Buffer to Threads, Mastodon, X, LinkedIn, and more, all with a single click. We’re delighted to play a role in breaking down barriers and creating a more interconnected digital world.

Join us on this new journey

I’m personally excited to see how you’ll use Buffer with Threads. This integration is for you, our community. And it offers so much more than the ability to schedule your threads.

You can cross-post to multiple other platforms, analyze your content performance, store all your ideas in a single hub, and so much more. Buffer for Threads is available on all plans, including free.

You can get started right away at buffer.com/threads.


Joel and the Buffer team

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