AI Video Tools: Video Experts Share Their Honest Opinions [Endless Customers Podcast S.1. Ep. 43]

“A lot of video professionals are worried that AI is going to take their jobs… if it’s not something you’re trying to keep up with, it will take your job,”  says Austin Mock, a seasoned video producer and content creator at IMPACT.

He goes on to say, “While these tools are really useful and you can use them in amazing ways… they’re not always what they seem at first.” AI tools like Auto Pod and Opus Clip have been marketed as game-changers for video production, promising to simplify the editing process significantly. 

However, Austin highlights, these AI tools often require a deeper understanding and proper setup to achieve the desired results. The initial learning curve can be steep. The “click-of-a-button” magic we are sold is seldom as straightforward as advertised.

Ultimately, us video professionals are trying to find the proper balance between using AI for efficiency while equally preserving the creative soul of our work.

Looking ahead, AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it is critical for video professionals to stay proactive. As AI tools continue to evolve, videographers must adapt and learn to integrate these technologies into their workflows. This proactive approach will not only enhance their productivity but also open up new opportunities for creative expression and professional growth.

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Austin produces video content that aligns with the brand and mission of IMPACT’s marketing team. He believes that video content has the potential to change the world through inspiration, education, entertainment, and enlightenment. Austin has over five years of experience in video production. He has been a part of projects that range from social media pieces to working as the director of an episode of ‘Life on the Line’; a documentary series featured on PBS.

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