Using StoryBrand To Optimze Your Success [Endless Customers Podcast S.1. Ep. 34]

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“If you confuse, you lose,” Donald Miller reminds us in his StoryBrand framework. When it comes to business websites, companies often go clever or vague, leaving visitors scratching their heads and thinking, “Okay, but what do you actually do?” Miller’s principle underscores the importance of clarity and precision — and reminds us of just how quickly you can lose someone’s attention.  

In this episode of Endless Customers, Alex Winter speaks with Mary Brown, IMPACT’s lead web strategist, about how StoryBrand can help businesses refine their messaging to deliver a better website experience.

”People naturally connect with stories,” she explains, and advises businesses to “leverage stories to help people emotionally connect to your messaging.” 

Unlike traditional marketing approaches, StoryBrand flips the script, positioning the customer in the center (as  “the hero” in Miller’s language), with a focus on solving that customer’s problem instead of boasting about business accomplishments.This shift helps to build trust and set clear stakes, showing customers what they stand to gain by choosing your product or service.

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Mary Brown is the lead website strategist at IMPACT, and she has lent her expertise to website projects in dozens of industries. 

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