Data-Driven Success: HubSpot Fuels Berry Insurance’s Massive Growth [Endless Customers Podcast S.1 Ep. 32]

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They say a decision is only as good as the data it’s based on. For Massachusetts-based Berry Insurance, better data means better decisions — and better decisions mean better outcomes.

Corin Cook joined Berry in 2019 as the company’s first content manager. At that point, Berry was early in its They Ask, You Answer journey. Corin focused on writing educational content that would be helpful to anyone in the market for insurance. Soon, traffic began to explode, bringing tens of thousands of visitors to the Berry website. 

With visitors come opportunities, but only if you have the necessary tools.

Berry began using HubSpot to track its website engagement. HubSpot became the platform where all digital marketing efforts could be centralized — from email communications to full website management.  

“HubSpot is just so user-friendly,” says Corin. “It was really a game changer being able to have all of our content up there, all of our videos, everything just integrated into the site and being able to look at the analytics of everything.”

In time, Berry’s marketing team grew to include a videographer and another content writer. That means a lot of content spread out across Berry’s website, social platforms, and YouTube. “Over the past few years,” Corin estimates, “we’ve written hundreds of articles on insurance, and we have hundreds in the queue.”

Today, Corin and her team use HubSpot to publish their content — and they use its reporting capabilities to track how that content performs

In turn, they use this information to inform their future strategy. After all, better data means better decisions. 

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Corin Cook is the Senior Marketing Manager at Berry Insurance — a 100-year-old business based in Massachusetts. 

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Learn how Berry Insurance tripled its revenue by creating better content

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