How to Create an Instagram Post Using AI — Ideas, Photos, Reels + Captions

In a world where buzz about AI advancements pops up more than cat videos on your feed, it’s no surprise that the technology is also transforming how we create content for social media.

This shift isn’t just for the big players with deep pockets either; it’s becoming the go-to for businesses, influencers, creators, and anyone looking to boost efficiency or spice up their feed.

And, as someone who’s spent the last seven years helping companies build their content strategy and now working with Photoroom, a leader in AI photo editing, I’ve seen firsthand how transformative these tools can be.

By 2031, we’re looking at a whopping $12 billion being poured into AI tools for social media. The reason? These tools are serious time-savers and creativity boosters. With just a few minutes, anyone can create a social media post with cool edits, eye-catching graphics, and witty captions.

While AI is no replacement for human authenticity and creativity, it can certainly help augment it.

Whether you’re aiming to grow your following on Instagram or just trying to keep your feed fresh and engaging, this post will show you how to use AI to create Instagram posts and the tools you need to get started.

Why AI can help you create Instagram posts

Before we get into the tools you can use to create Instagram posts, let’s talk about why it’s a game changer.

Here’s a snapshot:

Save time: Get your posts ready in minutes, not hours. It’s all about making things quick and easy.Stay consistent: If keeping up with your posting schedule feels like a chore, AI can help you stay on track without the stress.Improve creativity: Have you ever run out of ideas? AI can give you a fresh perspective, helping you generate new concepts on the fly.Try new things faster than ever: With AI, you can experiment with different styles or content types without much effort. This is great for figuring out what works best for your audience.Increase quality and reduce costs: Instead of hiring a big team, AI can do a lot of the heavy lifting, allowing you to produce high-quality content more efficiently and saving you money in the long run.

Now that we know the why, it’s time to get hands-on. Stick around as I show you how to use AI to create better social content faster and improve your connection with your followers.

A step-by-step guide to creating Instagram posts with AI

1. Brainstorm post ideas using AI

Kicking off your Instagram content with a bang starts with a solid idea. Sometimes, the well of inspiration runs dry. That’s where AI steps in, offering a fresh flow of concepts tailored to your audience’s interests and current trends. 

ChatGPT, from OpenAI, excels at churning out diverse content ideas based on simple prompts, while Buffer’s AI assistant is designed to generate ideas unique to your audience and industry, write posts and captions from scratch, repurpose content for different platforms, and more.

Here’s how to leverage these platforms for your Instagram content.

Brainstorm Instagram posts using ChatGPT

ChatGPT can generate an abundance of ideas based on the briefest of inputs. Whether you’re looking for content that aligns with upcoming holidays, trending topics, or your brand’s niche, ChatGPT is like having a creative director at your fingertips.

How to use it:

Open ChatGPT and type a prompt for your social media post. For example: “Give me five unique Instagram post ideas for a coffee shop celebrating its 1st anniversary.”ChatGPT will then roll out a variety of suggestions, ranging from a behind-the-scenes look at your coffee partners to a giveaway campaign post to spark engagement.

Pricing: ChatGPT offers a free tier for those looking to explore its basic capabilities, perfect for casual users or those just starting out. For more extensive features, including access to advanced models and additional tools from OpenAI, consider upgrading to the Plus plan at $20 monthly.

Brainstorm Instagram posts using Buffer’s AI assistant

While ChatGPT throws out the creative sparks, Buffer’s AI Assistant plays the long game, analyzing your audience and industry to suggest content themes that are likely to engage and grow your follower base.

How to use it:

Step 1: Open Buffer, click on “Create,” then “Generate Ideas.” Buffer’s AI assistant will ask you two questions: “What is your business (or brand) about?” and “What is your target audience?”

Step 2: When you’ve filled those out, click “Generate Ideas.” From there, the AI Assistant will generate an endless stream of content ideas.

Step 3: Cycle through them by clicking “Try Another” and when you find one you like, click “Use It.”

Step 3: A post composer window will pop up. You can click “New Post” to get started with the post or click “Save Idea” to store and categorize it in your Create Space to come back to it later. 

Pricing: Buffer is available on the Google Play Store, App Store, and web. AI Assistant is included in its free plan, making it ideal for both new entrepreneurs and established businesses looking to enter social media with no upfront costs.

Once you have your ideas handy, you can either create images or Reels for Instagram; we’ll go over how to do both using AI tools.

You don’t need to be a Buffer user to use the AI Assistant. With the free Social Media Post Creator, you can take the tool for a test run.

2. Prepare your Instagram image posts using AI

After brainstorming your next big post idea using AI, the next step is bringing that vision to life. Several AI image tools can help you create feed posts for Instagram, but not all tools are created equal, and the best fit for you depends on several factors. 

Let’s consider what to look out for before diving into how a specific tool, like Photoroom, can enhance your Instagram content.

What to consider when choosing an AI tool for Instagram visuals:

Content quality: High-quality visuals and multiple text options are non-negotiable. Your chosen tool should produce content that’s eye-catching and resonates with your target audience.Customization options: Look for tools that offer flexibility. Can you tweak the visuals and text to align with your brand identity? Customization ensures that AI-generated content feels personal and unique to your brand.Output formats: Instagram has its quirks, like the square format for posts or the vertical format for stories. Your AI tool should accommodate these specifications, making your content creation process smoother.Pricing and plans: Budget considerations are crucial. Whether it’s a subscription model or pay-per-use, knowing the costs upfront helps manage your content creation budget efficiently. Free trials are a plus, giving you a taste of what the tool offers without commitment.User experience: Ease of use and speed are key. A user-friendly interface and quick content generation save valuable time, making the tool a joy rather than a chore.

With these criteria in mind, you’ll be better equipped to choose an AI tool that suits your Instagram content creation needs. Now, let’s see how Photoroom stacks up.

How to create Instagram visuals using Photoroom

Photoroom is an AI-powered photo editor that ticks all the boxes for Instagram content creators. Editing photos with Photoroom is straightforward and yields professional results. Here’s what you can do:

Background Removal: Instantly clear distractions from your product images, focusing the viewer’s attention where you want it.AI Backgrounds: Add a new, AI-generated background from the background library or create one using AI prompts. Choose one that complements your product or message, to deliver a seamless blend of creativity and relevance.AI Expand: Ensure your images perfectly fit Instagram’s various post formats, from square to stories, without losing quality.Templates and Brand Kit: Choose from a rich collection of templates and consistently apply your brand identity effortlessly.

Pricing: Photoroom is available on iOS, Android, and the web, and has a free plan that gives you access to its basic photo editing features, including Background Removal. It also offers a free 7-day trial for the Pro plan, which costs £9.99/month or a £69.99 annual payment.

Step 1: Open Photoroom and upload an image from your camera roll or take one on the spot with your camera. You can also generate one with AI if you prefer. Photoroom will instantly remove the background on your photo.

Step 2: Click on AI Backgrounds to add a new background to your photo and create your Instagram post.

Step 3: Click on the resize button in the top right corner to choose your picture size. I chose Instagram Story for this post.

Step 4-5: Click “Done” and then choose a background you like from the AI Backgrounds library. For this post, I chose the “Cozy home” because I wanted something with a relaxed vibe.

Step 6: Photoroom AI will instantly generate four image options with different backgrounds for you to choose from. Tap the one you like or click “Generate 4 more” for some new options.

Step 7: Finish your edit by either exporting your new Instagram post or by clicking “Insert” to add graphics, logos, or other accessories.

Step 8: Save your new image to your camera roll or export directly to Instagram.

Incorporating Photoroom or a similar AI tool into your content creation workflow saves you time and elevates the quality and consistency of your Instagram feed. Get started with Photoroom on the web, or download the free app for iPhone or Android.

3. Create videos for Instagram using AI

Fortunately, creating videos for Instagram is now easier than ever, thanks to a range of AI-powered tools that can help you produce videos specifically designed for Instagram.

Whether you want to share quick updates, in-depth tutorials, or captivating stories, you don’t have to be an Instagram celebrity to create engaging content anymore.

What to consider when choosing an AI tool for Instagram videos

Ease of use: Select tools that simplify the video creation process, allowing you to focus on storytelling rather than technical hurdles.Versatility: Look for a tool that supports various types of video content, from short updates to longer narratives, to keep your feed dynamic.Customization: Choose tools with robust editing and customization options to ensure your videos align with your brand identity.Cost-effectiveness: Consider the tool’s pricing structure to ensure it fits within your budget while meeting your content creation needs.

Considering these points, you can select a video tool that enhances your content and aligns with your creative vision and operational workflow. Let’s explore how tools like Pictory and Synthesia can cater to different video creation needs.

How to create Instagram videos using Pictory

Pictory offers innovative solutions to transform text-based content into engaging social media videos. Ideal for creating quick tips, quotes, or summaries, the tool automates the video creation process, adding relevant visuals to your text content. Here’s what you can do with Pictory:

Script to video: Convert your written scripts into fully animated videos.Video editing: Refine and repurpose your existing video content.Subtitles: Enhance accessibility and reach with auto-captioning.Summarize a video using AI: Condense longer footage into digestible highlights perfect for the quick-scrolling world of Instagram.Create a video collage: Combine multiple visuals into a single, cohesive video piece.

Step 1: Choose the option that works best for you on the Pictory home page. For this example, I’m working with the “Article to Video” option.

Step 2: The Pictory AI generates a summary of your article, which you can edit as much as you like.

Step 3: Update the scene duration based on the timing you prefer for your script. Change the video size to Portrait, Square, or Landscape. For Instagram, I’d recommend the portrait option.

Step 4: Edit the elements associated with your video, from visuals to audio, text, and branding. You can upload visuals or audio directly from your device.

Step 5: Preview your final video and share the link with collaborators or download it directly to your device.

Pricing: Pictory is available only on the web and offers a free Basic plan for those starting out, providing limited video minutes with watermarked outputs. For advanced needs, the Professional plan is $49 per month, offering additional video minutes, no watermarks, and access to premium features.

How to create Instagram videos using Synthesia

For content that requires a more personal touch, like how-to videos or educational content, Synthesia steps in with AI avatars that bring your scripts to life. Synthesia is ideal for:

AI Avatars: Choose from over 160 ready-to-use AI avatars and custom options to reflect your brand identity.Audio & subtitles: Enhance your videos with AI-generated voiceovers, offering a range of voices and languages. Additionally, auto-generate subtitles to make your content more accessible and engaging across different audience segments.Auto-translate: Automatically translate video into 120+ languages to reach your audience worldwide.Collaboration: No more back and forth – edit directly with your team in real-time.

Step 1: Set up your Synthesia account and click “Create a new video.” Here, you can start from a blank video or choose from Synthesia’s library of templates

Step 2: Click the hamburger menu in the top left corner to choose your preferred video size. Portrait is best for Instagram.

Step 3: The top of your Synthesia dashboard has loads of customization options for your video, including choosing your preferred AI Avatar, customizing the space in the background, and adding text or other media elements.

Step 4: The lower part of your Synthesia dashboard allows you to update your script and add elements like “Gestures” where you can add visual cues like a nod to your avatar.

Step 5: You can update your avatar’s language and voice to fit the preferred vibe for your Instagram post.

Step 6: Once you’re satisfied with your script and edits, click “Generate” in the top right corner. You’ll see a drop down where you can enter your video’s title and description. You can also choose to generate captions.

Step 7: Once your video is done processing, you can download it directly to your device and share on your Instagram feed or story.

Pricing: Synthesia is available on the web, and the free plan includes one editor and 3 minutes of video per month, perfect for occasional use. For more extensive needs, the Starter plan at $22 per month provides collaborative features, more video minutes, and a wider selection of avatars.

4. Write engaging Instagram captions using AI

The right caption can elevate your post from good to unforgettable, acting as the finishing touch that ties everything together. Captions provide context, help with reach thanks to social media SEO, and invite your audience to engage more deeply with your content.

There are many AI tools that can help you create captions for Instagram, like ChatGPT and Buffer’s AI assistant, which you may recall from the brainstorming phase. For this example, I’ll focus on Buffer’s AI assistant.

How to create Instagram captions with Buffer’s AI Assistant

Step 1: Open Buffer and tap “Create Post.”

Step 2: Upload your visuals, and type a prompt in the AI assistant to generate your caption, including any relevant details. e.g., “Write a caption for a post about 50 free AI prompt ideas for image generation. The target audience is small businesses selling online.”

Step 3: Insert your caption or tweak the tone and voice to fit your preferred caption style. You can share your post immediately, save it as a draft, or schedule it for later.

Build a stronger Instagram presence with AI

Now that you have all the necessary information and tools, it’s time to dive in and experiment. Businesses are already tapping into AI’s potential to tell their stories in ways that were previously unattainable without extensive resources.

Let AI be your ally in the creative process, helping you get things done faster while enhancing your unique voice. Go ahead, play with the tools we’ve explored today, and find your rhythm.

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