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Vanessa Lowe takes us behind the scenes of how NXP Semiconductors mastered LinkedIn Live, uncovering the trials, triumphs, and techniques that led to their impressive results.

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Episode Summary

“If I could summarize our whole experience with LinkedIn Live, it would be we’re constantly experimenting, constantly learning, and then adapting. And we’re seeing powerful results.”

NXP Semiconductors has recently been experimenting and refining its LinkedIn Live strategy, with incredible results. In this episode of Behind the Post, Vanessa Lowe, the Head of Social Media at NXP, offers an in-depth look into the entire process – from beginning to end – of launching a LinkedIn Live strategy.

Vanessa shares her insights on the key elements of a successful LinkedIn Live strategy, covering the highs and lows, along with invaluable tips to guide you through your own launch. She discusses the promotion techniques they use to build anticipation for their LinkedIn Live sessions, shares a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process, and reveals the third-party streaming tool they rely on to broadcast to LinkedIn.

While it may seem challenging, some parts of the process have turned out to be surprisingly straightforward. Vanessa was (rightfully) impressed by their success level, indicating that the benefits of their LinkedIn Live strategy significantly outweighed the hurdles. Their LinkedIn Live sessions generate an average of over 50,000 impressions, while their regular posts yield approximately 8,000—an astonishing difference.

This episode serves as a comprehensive roadmap for anyone looking to master LinkedIn Live, with Vanessa Lowe providing a glimpse into what makes their approach so successful.

Hot Topics:

What does recording day look like and how do they handle live real-time engagement
The equipment needed and the third-party tool they use for streaming
How LinkedIn Live helps them achieve their overall marketing goals

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa has been at NXP for over 9 years, exploring communications and social media. Starting as a Communications Specialist, she has climbed up the ranks at her company and held the Head of Social Media position for almost two years.

When she’s offline, you can find her chasing after her toddler while trying to convince her two old dogs to move a little bit faster. She often finds the time to head out for a run and occasionally dabbles in creating a mess with a new DIY craft project.

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