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Episode Summary

“Employee advocacy is a strategy that every company should deploy. There’s a huge opportunity there, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.”

On this episode of Behind the Post, Alina sat down with not one, but two, brilliant marketing experts from Similarweb – Senior Social Media Manager, Itay Gross, and Content Marketing Manager, Faith Preminger. With double the guests, you bet you’ll walk away with double the expertise.

They delved into how their content and social media teams work together for success and how marketing processes work at Similarweb.

With a passion for B2B social in common, the trio discussed why social media is so valuable for B2B brands today and the importance of using B2C tactics to create an engaging, fun, and memorable B2B strategy.

Armed with unique insights their Similarweb product offers, Itay shares how he incorporates data-driven storytelling about trending topics into their strategy to harness the attention of B2B professionals scrolling through LinkedIn. *Spoiler alert* – their audience loved their data insights on Taylor Swift’s impact on the Kansas City Chiefs’ website traffic during the Super Bowl!

As big enthusiasts of the power of employee advocacy on their wider social media strategy, they unpacked everything a social media manager would want to know when implementing an advocacy program and keeping up its momentum. The duo got candid about the challenges they encountered along the way, and the tips and tricks they learned that resulted in a successful strategy.

Whether you’re a marketer, a social media enthusiast, or simply curious about what goes on behind the post, there’s much to learn from the experiences of these two experts.

Hot Topics:

How B2B companies can revolutionize their approach by borrowing from the B2C playbook – and why it matters.
Why a company’s social media success can even be the key to employee satisfaction and engagement.
Tips on creating content that cuts through the noise and makes your brand stand out.
The value of building an employee advocacy program, and why every company needs to do it.

Meet Itay

Itay began his career by making a 180-degree transition from an education-related non-profit to Sport5, Israel’s largest sports TV channel and website. Quickly ascending through the ranks, his fascination with how quality, creative content could support business objectives pushed Itay to the role of B2C Social Media Manager at a performance marketing company.

Three years later, Itay joined Elementor as Social Media Team Leader, before embarking on some freelance projects, publishing his own children’s books, and ultimately assuming the position of Social Media Manager at Similarweb.

Meet Faith

Originally from Washington, D.C., Faith began her career in the Start-up Nation as a digital content marketer. Thanks to the nature of startups, she quickly became an expert in native and social paid advertising. Her obsession with online trends, the “why” behind user behavior, and hashtags lead Faith to pivot her career toward organic social media.

She joined Similarweb in 2021 as a Social Media Manager and transitioned into a Content Marketing Manager role in 2023. When Faith is not mastering the art of writing, she’s a wife and a mom of two living in sunny Tel Aviv. How would she describe her life in a word? #Blessed

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